Laika vs Vanta vs Sprinto: What’s your best bet?

Payal Wadhwa

Payal Wadhwa

Apr 30, 2024

laika vs vanta compare all differences

The perception of compliance has gradually shifted from a necessary evil to an essential tool for business. However, with increasingly stringent frameworks to adhere to and endless controls to monitor, compliance pros need a wingman that makes their life easier. 

If you have been researching, you would know that Laika, Vanta and Sprinto are heavyweight contenders in the space. While all three products have their pros and cons, we wanted to ensure that you have all the facts to make a decision that’s right for your business. Let’s compare these 3 across capabilities, features, reviews and more. We have attempted to use G2 reviews and user ratings as much as possible to ensure neutrality within this assessment. 

Round 1: Laika, Vanta, Sprinto : Let’s meet the contenders

What is Laika?

Laika (now known as Thoropass) is a comprehensive compliance management solution that automates infosec compliance and provides a tailored approach to meet various framework requirements. Laika is feature-packed and has in-house audit experts that expedite the certification process.

What is Vanta?

Vanta is an automated compliance platform that enables organizations to streamline security workflows, monitor compliance, manage risks and achieve audit readiness while improving their cybersecurity posture. It provides a suite of AI tools that make it easy to navigate through the compliance challenges.

What is Sprinto?

Sprinto is an integration-enabled and automation-powered compliance tool that enables you to launch out-of-the-box compliance programs and features automated workflows to minimize manual workload. Sprinto’s ease of use, feature set and products like cost calculators and magic mapping make it  best-in-class.

Round 2: Bird’s eye view of the comparison

Here’s how Laika and Vanta compare against each other, as well as their most talked about alternative Sprinto:

Price$8000 for your first framework$10000+ for companies with 1-20 employees$4000 for one framework for a business with 10-50 employees
Ease of useLess intuitive as compared to the competitors(G2 rating: 8.8)Intuitive to use but requires a steep learning curve(G2 rating: 9.0)User-friendly and quick to learn and begin with because of the use of non-technical language
(G2 rating: 9.2)
Feature setRisk registers, security questionnaires, real-time monitoring, automated evidence collection etc.Policy templates, risk assessments, vulnerability management, continuous monitoring, access reviews etc.Integrated risk management, continuous control monitoring, in-built policy templates, training modules etc.
Time taken to achieve audit readinessFor example: A SOC 2 type 2 audits can take 6-8 weeks if you choose in-house auditor and 12 weeks if you bring your own independent auditorSOC 2 Type 2 audit usually takes 2.5-3 monthsSOC 2 Type 2 audit takes 5 weeks to 3 months
USPIn-house audit experts are assigned to you from the beginningVanta AI and Vanta workspacesLow-touch auditor grade programs, Magic mapping and common control framework to enable multi framework compliance
Most positive feedback (G2 reviews)“Helpful Platform playbooks”“Weekly customer success manager calls”“Responsive support team”“Comprehensive tools set” “Real-time feedback from integrations”“Lots of integrations supported”“Top-notch support”“UI that is super easy to use”“More affordable than the competition”
Any Negative comments (G2 reviews)“No Live chat options”“ Lack of intuitiveness”“Steep initial learning curve”“Priced at a premium than the competition”“Areas of improvement include addition of more integrations 
Best Suited ForSmall and medium businessesLarge organizations because of the pricing pointSmall businesses & Midmarket segment

Round 3: Price Comparison


According to AWS marketplace, you can get a Laika platform subscription for your first framework at $8700 for 12 months and an audit subscription starting at $5800.


For Vanta, the pricing varies based on company size, package choice, etc. According to AWS marketplace, the core package for 1-20 employees starts at $10500 for a single framework.

As per another vendor guide, the contract ranges from $16100-$23400 for an organization with 200 employees.


Sprinto pricing starts at $4000 for one framework if the organization has 10-50 employees. You can use Sprinto’s cost calculator to find out how much you can save using Sprinto for your needs. 

Get custom pricing from compliance experts

Round 4: Reviews Comparison


Laika has a G2 rating of 4.7/5 and 200+ reviews.

What do customers like the most?

Most users appreciate the responsiveness of the team and the in-house audit processes. They also like document templates and the simplification of processes through automation and monitoring.

What do customers usually dislike?

Some users have expressed concerns about the need for intuitiveness of the platform and limited integrations. Next, some tasks must still be executed manually and can take a lot of time.


Vanta has a G2 rating of 4.6/5 and 1000+ reviews

What customers like the most?

Users like how the platform is straightforward and the comprehensive set of features make compliance processes easier. The SaaS API integrations make it easier to monitor controls continuously and the quick alerts for vulnerabilities enable proactive action.

What customers usually dislike?

While the platform is intuitive, users have reported a steep learning curve associated with onboarding. Users also find it relatively expensive as compared to the competitors.


Sprinto is rated 4.8/5 on G2 with 850+ reviews and overwhelmingly positive feedback. 

What customers like the most?

Sprinto’s ease of use, versatile capabilities and support have been appreciated by most users.

What customers usually dislike?

While we already have 200+ integrations, customers want to see more options and we are on it. Next, they’d like to see more help guides and documentation which we are actively producing.

Round 5: Other Major considerations


  • Who is it suited for: Laika majorly caters to small and mid-sized businesses.
  • AI capabilities: Laika makes use of AI-powered technology to streamline and simplify compliance efforts
  • User preferences: Laika is preferred over Vanta for meeting the needs better and for ongoing support


  • Who is it suited for: Vanta is suited for organizations of any size.
  • AI capabilities: Vanta AI consists of a suite of tools for tasks such as vendor document reviews and security questionnaire response
  • User preferences: Vanta is preferred over Laika for its ease of use, future roadmap and continuous feature updates.


  • Who is it suited for: Sprinto is the best choice for small businesses and the mid-market segment.
  • AI capabilities: While Sprinto is not AI-powered it has strong automation capabilities to streamline workflows, collect automated evidence, enable auto-response for questionnaires and much more.
  • User preferences: Users prefer Sprinto over Laika and Vanta for its price point to value. Sprinto is an agile, feature-packed and automation-enabled platform at a much lower cost than the competition.

Round 6: Supported frameworks


Laika supports SOC 1, SOC 2, ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, HITRUST, CCPA, PIPEDA etc. and custom frameworks.


Vanta supports security frameworks such as SOC 2, ISO 27001:2022, ISO 27017, PCI DSS, NIST CSF, NIST 800-171, NIST 800-53, FedRAMP etc. It also supports privacy frameworks such as GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, ISO 27701 and custom frameworks.


Sprinto supports 20+ frameworks and enables custom framework management. Sprinto provides out-of-the-box support for 20+ frameworks, but you can practically bring any custom framework to the dashboard and manage it seamlessly with the platform’s adaptive automation capabilities.

Additionally, Sprinto’s Magic mapping feature maps common controls across multiple frameworks and helps you get compliant across these in lesser time and with lower effort.

Read how DNIF achieved audit-readiness for SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 in just 14 days

Round 7: Key Features

Let’s talk about the major ones first:

1. Control Monitoring

Laika offers real-time control monitoring which is a subset of the continuous security management feature. 
Vanta offers continuous control monitoring and provides real-time visibility into the security posture and compliance status.Sprinto enables automated checks and continuous control monitoring to quickly contain any compliance drift and trigger remediation workflows 24/7.

At Sprinto, you can see the compliance status on the health dashboard. It gives you a quick snapshot of ready controls and pending work so you can make well-informed decisions.

2. Auditing and evidence collection


Laika’s in-house auditors are introduced to you on the very first day to ensure smooth audits. Vanta has a service partner program to enable organizations to leverage Vanta’s auditor network and fast-track the audit process.Sprinto allows you to collaborate with auditors on a shared dashboard and also introduces you to the Sprinto auditor network

Automated evidence collection:

Laika features audit-grade integrations and monitors to automatically collect the required evidence and skip any superfluous details. Vanta integrates with your tech stack and automates evidence collection. It centralizes this information to allow for smooth audits and facilitates two-way communication with the auditor. Sprinto enables API-based evidence capture from the source systems with accuracy. It can also intelligently connect evidence across multiple frameworks and minimize effort-duplication.

At Sprinto, the independent audit dashboards make it easier to collaborate with the auditor. The evidence is automatically displayed against each check on this dashboard to save time and dive directly into the audit. Check out Sprinto in action here:

3. Risk Assessments

Laika features a risk register to provide a full-fledged view of your risk profile and enables you to introduce your definitions of ‘likelihood’ and ‘impact’ for better context.Vanta features a risk library for small businesses analyzing their risk profiles for the first time and has customization features for businesses with mature risk programs. 
Sprinto’s comprehensive risk library helps you easily scope out security risks and theQuantitative risk assessments help score risks based on their impact and likelihood.

Check out how Sprinto’s integrated risk management feature makes it easier to manage risks unique to your business:

4. Other Key features


  • Policy creation: Laika makes it easy to create and distribute new policies org-wide with automated processes
  • Integrated project management: The platform ensures standardization of processes and facilitates better collaboration across functions with integrated project management
  • Penetration testing: Laika features penetration testing to enlighten you on vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit and initiate proactive measures accordingly
  • Security Questionnaires: Laika features auto-fill, search and collaboration tools to enable you to respond to security questionnaires faster
  • Other features include risk registers, automated evidence collection and more.


  • Pre-built documentation: The platform has a built-in list of documents and features policy templates to simplify documentation management.
  • Vulnerability management: Vanta provides a quick snapshot of vulnerabilities identified along with their severity to help you prioritize efforts.
  • Reporting: The tool provides an executive summary for top management as well as detailed reports for compliance and security teams
  • Security questionnaire: It makes use of AI to automate responses to lengthy security questionnaires.
  • Other features include gap assessments, trust center, access reviews etc. to expand the scope of your compliance programs.


  • Policy templates: The platform has in-built policy templates to eliminate the need for creating these from scratch and to ensure scalability
  • Training modules: Sprinto has built-in security training modules for various frameworks and tracks completion rates for employees
  • Role-based access controls: The platform enables you to implement zero-trust security by automating critical system access and enabling role-based permissions.
  • Vendor risk management: Sprinto has a centralized vendor management module that enables you to keep track of active vendors and manage associated risks
  • Other features include compliance by zones, security questionnaires, vulnerability assessments etc.

Round 8: Integrations


Laika offers 90+ integrations vetted by auditors. The categories include cloud platforms, AWS suite, HRIS and payroll, customer service, contract management, employee training and more. You can also request for missing integrations.

Customers find the integration process easy but may be required to intervene manually because of some unpredictable issues. They also want to see more integration options with Laika.


Vanta offers more than 300 integrations, some of which have been built in-house while integration partners have built the others. It covers a range of categories for integrations such as background checkers, cloud providers, CRMs, HRIS, endpoint security, document management and more.

Despite providing so many integration options, users say that Vanta does not continuously monitor all features of those integrations, which creates visibility gaps.


Sprinto integrates with 200+ cloud services including Office suite Software, SSO, incident management software, productivity tools, HRIS and more. The one-tap integrations embed seamlessly with your tech stack and enable API-based evidence capture from systems.

Round 9: Support


Laika assigns a customer success representative throughout the journey to make it easier to resolve concerns. The support team is responsive and has received positive feedback from users. Some customers have talked about high turnover with support teams with limited knowledge about compliance frameworks.


Vanta publicly maintains its support metrics to showcase customer satisfaction percentage (95%+), ticket response time, live chat response time and more. Most users find the support teams to be useful and responsive. However, some negative feedback mentions the need to raise multiple tickets for issues, which was a time-consuming process.

Sprinto: 1:1 Guided implementation from day 1

Sprinto experts hand-hold you through implementation from day 1. The global support team responds to your queries with a maximum TAT of 1 HOUR and 95% customer queries have been responded to within 10 minutes! We also have in-app LIVE chat for quick resolutions.

Have you decided on the winner yet?

Laika,Vanta and Sprinto have their strong points and weaknesses, and choosing the winner is a personal decision. We have provided you with key comparisons between the three to help you arrive at a decision. What we can confidently talk about is how Sprinto has been playing well against the competition to help cloud companies seamlessly achieve compliance.

Sprinto is the next-gen compliance automation platform that fits your security and risk management practices and is future-proof to help fulfil your scaling needs. The agility and convenience of the platform help you derive maximum output with minimal efforts and at a better time-to-value

Talk to our compliance experts today and see how Sprinto delivers instant time to value.


Who are the competitors of Laika and Vanta?

Laika and Vanta’s major competitors are Sprinto, Drata, Secureframe, Scrut, Auditboard, Hyperproof, and Onspring.

Does Sprinto help with the initial scoping exercise?

Yes after Sprinto integrates with your tech stack, a dedicated customer success manager is assigned to you and helps you scope out gaps.

Payal Wadhwa

Payal Wadhwa

Payal is your friendly neighborhood compliance whiz! She turns perplexing compliance lingo into actionable advice about keeping your digital business safe and savvy. When she isn’t saving virtual worlds, she’s penning down poetic musings or lighting up local open mics. Cyber savvy by day, poet by night!

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