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Automate evidence collection
Eliminate fatigue

Sprinto integrates with your cloud to monitor compliance round the clock and collect evidence automatically. Reduce your time cost on evidence collection and break free from reactive work. With Sprinto, rounding up the right evidence is quick and thorough.


Accuracy guaranteed

Audit-grade evidence

Don’t leave evidence to chance

Audit preparation is a backbreaking process of compiling spreadsheets, and gathering screenshots, and reports to prove compliance. Chances are, you’re overburdening yourself and your team – with taxing, disruptive evidence-gathering. All this manual effort leaves room for human error and gaps in your guardrails, increasing your risk of audit failure.

Assured evidence accuracy with automation

Supporting a wide berth of integrations, Sprinto helps you build a true inventory of assets — infra, cloud, code, people — to produce a granular view of controls and gather auditor-grade evidence automatically. Because Sprinto can spot control overlaps between multiple frameworks, you can test controls efficiently, avoid duplication, and confidently launch multiple stress-free audits – at once.

Enforce policies

Sprinto automatically maps policies and controls to compliance criteria linked to your chosen security frameworks. Integrated with your stack, Sprinto can enforce controls and track effectiveness on its own. It collects compliance evidence as it goes and ensures a clear, centralized audit trail. With Sprinto you get centralized, end-to-end policy lifecycle management right from developing policies through to collecting compliance evidence. Automatically.

Cross-map and collect

Sprinto intelligently connects evidence across frameworks so that you never have to waste resources on duplicated evidence. This means that you implement and test controls once to satisfy evidence requirements across multiple frameworks like SOC 2 and ISO 27001. Build capacity and entertain more evidence requests while saving time and effort.


Sprinto helps you set up and trigger rule-based workflows for non-automated, periodic control tests. Sprinto comes with pre-built, action-oriented workflows you can assign to specific roles and owners on your team. Sprinto does the rest to ensure complete compliance, tracking corrective measures all the way to completion as per the set SLA and policies.

Sprinto Advantage

Run compliance and evidence collection on autopilot

Sprinto integrates with your cloud and carries out intelligent control-criteria mapping and management, continuous monitoring, and automated evidence collection. This means that your security goes from point-in-time to on-point. You also get audit reports that are thorough and light at the same time. And without burdening your team

Automate up to

Integrations aside, Sprinto’s workflow checks ensure timely checks and, corrective actions from workflow owners. Use workflow checks against controls that cannot be fully automated to define rules for evidence collection and review. This way, you always have your people in the driver’s seat, while leaving the heavy lifting to Sprinto.

Enable intelligent operations

Sprinto’s automations make the right behaviors possible at scale. No need to launch onboarding, offboarding, background checks, or vendor assessments from scratch each time you add or activate a new security framework. Sprinto understands the compliance context. Just set the rule once and let the platform do its job. API calls to cloud applications, like your HRMS and IAM, ensure controls are mapped centrally, monitored centrally and evidence is collected as per set frequency. Set once and forget it.

Report with depth and precision

Go beyond just validating your control state. With Sprinto, you get the complete picture of how your risks, controls, and checks are faring. This way, you evaluate the control state deeply, gather high-quality evidence accurately, and publish more comprehensive reports on risks and controls – as needed, on demand. Supercharged by automation, you achieve all of the above with zero to minimal manual effort.

“Sprinto’s automation provides a clear picture. Tracking is seamless – each check is supported with insights. I’m fully aware of what’s happening, where we are falling, and why.”

Anurag Chutani, co-founder and CTO at Intellect.

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