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Compliance-aligned, always

Change management is
better with Sprinto

With smart classification of assets, ticket-based change tracking, and real-time
monitoring of compliance controls, Sprinto takes the stress out of ensuring change
management sticks to best practices and builds an evidence-dense audit trail that
ties back to compliance.

Auto-classify repos


Ticket-based change tracking

High Flexibility

Branch-level monitoring

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Code changes disrupt hard-earned compliance

Change management decoupled from compliance is a risky affair. Without due diligence to best practices,
code-level changes can weaken security and chip away at infra-ops effectiveness. Moreover, when code-
level approvals and project tracking lack organizing principles and clear structure, things can quickly spiral
out of control, jeopardising system integrity, organzational security and over all compliance.

De-risk change management practices

Sprinto gives you the tools to set up, systematise, and accelerate change management that aligns with risk
thresholds and compliance requirements. Using Sprinto, you can carry out code-level changes, including Cl
branches and approvals, to align with your preferred level of oversight friction, ensuring security best practices
that work for you. Simultaneously, Sprinto automatically tracks assets, classities them, and monitors changes
through a ticketing system, maintaining an audit trail to refine processes in line with security guidelines. in essence
and effect, managing change through sprinto guarantees compliance.

Sprinto’s change management is
automated, audit-grade, and airtight

Set it & Forget it

Set rules and designate approvers for code changes. Monitor changes directly from your development platform or through a chosen ticket system like Jira, ensuring comprehensive tracking and compliance adherence before any change goes live. Select entire groups of production and staging environments for sprinto to oversee as needed, streamlining approvals and ensuring compliance alignment with minimal infosec involvement.

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Track only what’s important

Manually classify or define code repository groups to automatically classify all enclosed repositories as production repositories. Specify specific Continuous Integration (Cl) branches to ensure targeted monitoring. Mark special cases to exclude changes that are irrelevant to compliance or fall outside an audit period.

Gather audit
evidence on the go

Because approvals are monitored and tracked by Sprinto, you maintain a clear audit trail of all relevant changes and approvals without any additional action or intervention. Generate a preview of the data associated with control checks to understand where exactly you are sliding and scaling.

Always know where you

Get a comprehensive overview, including the historical context of all code-level activities on a single dashboard, providing clear insights into passing and failing controls against production assets, including projects and branches, remediation due dates, impact on security programs, and the overall status of compliance.

Bonus: Integrations with ticketing
systems & repo providers

Integrate with your favorite ticketing systems and code repos to
leverage ticket-based monitoring context-rich notifications during
check failures, and collect evidence

Make compliant change management your default

By front-loading compliance best practices and structured change tracking
mechanism in place, Sprinto helps you avoid a lot of the back-and-forth that comes
with code reviews.