Compliance for complex orgs, made easy

Fit-for-purpose compliance, 

Sprinto’s Zones feature helps organizations with multiple product lines and business units launch and manage individual compliance programs from a single platform. Whether these entities share resources, including people and technology, or operate independently, use Zones to separately handle their compliance while maintaining a central, connected view on Sprinto.




Multi-org compliance is chaotic

For a complex organization with multiple product lines and business units, compliance is challenging. Complexity can manifest in a stressed compliance function, chaotic program management, a heightened chance of false positives and negatives, and error-prone evidence, ultimately increasing the risk of lax security, non-compliance, and audit delays. It also strains infosec resources and breeds duplicative work, causing severe fatigue and decreased productivity.

Connect the dots and remove compliance redundancies

Sprinto simplifies compliance for complex organizations by separating compliance by product/business units or ‘Zones’. When Zones share assets, the platform intuitively maps the overlap and intelligently scopes out compliance requirements based on asset type, location, product affiliations, and similar factors. This way, your assets are always tagged to correct compliances, are unburdened, effectively managed, and do not produce duplicative work.

Define Zone

Create and customize a Zone inside Sprinto for a specific business unit, product line, and/or geography. Create as many Zones as required— there’s no limit to how many Zones you can add or what kind. The default settings automatically generate an organizational-level view of your overall compliance status across Zones.

Map assets 

Sharing assets across Zones? Integrations with infrastructure providers, IAMs, HRMS, and other systems help map individual assets, and asset groups to respective Zones. Any configurations you make in your cloud systems will automatically sync with assets tagged to a Zone, requiring minimal effort on your part.

Implement program(s)

Define compliance scope for a Zone and activate relevant frameworks. Sprinto maps frameworks to relevant assets and produces a comprehensive list of controls. Automate control testing and set up task-based workflows for non-automated aspects of compliance.

Track compliance

Track and monitor compliance in real-time over a central compliance health dashboard. Remediate issues within each Zone without affecting compliance elsewhere. Capture audit evidence as you go, and seamlessly launch Zone-specific audits with ease and success.

Sweeping coverage, minus the effort

To ensure efficient management, each entity and asset is tagged to one or more Zones inside Sprinto, and each Zone is directly connected to the parent organization, both in essence and effect. This interconnectedness helps clarify interrelationships, uphold operational context, minimize friction, and enforce compliance better.

Customize compliance

Implement standard or custom frameworks, custom controls, and unique cluster-specific checks for asset/asset groups within a Zone. Sprinto automatically triggers downstream compliance actions to satisfy compliance requirements for that Zone.

Comprehensive visibility

Easily assess the compliance status of an asset group or an entire business unit by checking the associated Zone’s dashboard. Each Zone’s dashboard is unique, and shows/maintains its unique tendencies, without impacting other Zones.

Zone-specific audits

Plan audits specific to each Zone and create customized audit monitoring schedules. With automated control tests and task workflows, tracking compliance and gathering evidence is easy, ensuring on-time audit readiness and a seamless review.

Ensure compliance without complications

When managing compliance for different business units and product lines that often utilize and share assets, Sprinto excels at connecting the dots, identifying overlaps, and implementing streamlined programs that eliminate complexity and promote ease and efficiency.