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Automate all the way
with Sprinto API

Use Sprinto’s API to connect all the tools you use every day to extend automation coverage
and ensure programmatic monitoring of their controls. Our API is a predictable resource-
oriented URL that seamlessly connects to endpoints, queries control information, and relays
information back to the system without errors or friction.


API-key authentication

Version control

JSON responses

sprinto api

Scale security programs without
sacrificing automation

Sprinto’s API is designed to be straightforward to use. Connect with your preferred
tools, including custom applications, security training platforms, background
verification services, and MDM agents, with little-to-no coding and build two-way
sync between Sprinto and your preferred endpoints.

Ensure efficiency

Bridge the gap created by the absence of native integrations to integrate all your tools and ensure automation-enabled efficiencies across the board.

Ensure accuracy

Ensure precision and consistency in control mapping, control monitoring, and overall compliance management, at scale.

Ensure control

Ensure efficient and secure control oversight and safeguard a broader range of systems, saving you time and resources.

Adéle Tredoux

Head of GRC at Resonance Labs, a part of Mesmerise

Our infrastructure specialist and I trust the data accuracy of Sprinto — it gives no
false positives or negatives. We verified the data from Sprinto and confirmed that the
issues it reports are real and demand our attention.

Sprint through
non-native integrations

Sprinto’s API is engineered to support infosec teams’ efforts to maintain an up-to-date inventory of assets and controls, ensure airtight control coverage across systems, and conduct ongoing testing to arrest and amend all sorts of compliance drift in time. With Sprinto API, bring all your tools and systems under one roof for seamless control tracking and continuous management.

Supports multiple endpoints and use cases

Close the gaps and build an integrated environment for efficient control mapping, control testing, and evidence gathering. Use Dev API to connect with the endpoints you use and extend automation coverage to all systems — MDMs, security training providers, background check providers, and more.

Developer-friendly query language

We’ve developed our API using GraphQL, offering developers a flexible and efficient means to query and retrieve data. GraphQL supports real-time updates, ensuring teams receive immediate notifications for control-level changes. This ensures effective control monitoring and supports ongoing management of controls and compliance.

Flexible yet controlled access

Sprinto’s Dev API is a partially open API. A limited API offers a balance between functionality and security, granting organizations enhanced control over their data and lowering the risk of security breaches. Unlike a fully open API, a limited API provides greater control and enables the maintenance of granular access policies.


“Auditors need to see an inventory of our assets and Sprinto helps us maintain an up-to-date inventory. There is clear visibility into their current status, even if these entities are not in audit scope.”

Evelyn Vinueza

CISO at Tangelo

Unify Tools, Ensure Automation