Sprinto is more than just a product. It offers overall compliance management

Originally, I did not believe that SOC 2 prep could be completed so fast. Live sessions with a structured implementation plan was the difference between getting this done in days vs months.


CTO & Co-Founder, Qapita

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Sprinto powers compliance at leading companies around the world, from small startups to to Fortune 500 companies.

We asked our customers about their experience of using Sprinto. Here is what they had to say…

“Working with Sprinto has been a breeze”

Jessica Hammond

VP of Product, Clockwork

While doing research for a SOC 2 product, I felt there wasn’t much differentiation in the products until I found Sprinto.

It made the engagements easy, friendly and made sure tasks have been completed by all team members. In addition to their product, Sprinto’s onboarding team made sure that we stayed on track and were able to get to audit quickly.

“Thrilled that we picked Sprinto – it’s more than just a product. It delivers an outcome.”

Ravi Pratap

CTO & Co-Founder, MobStac

Sprinto delivered on the promise of zero touch audit. Sprinto is very different from other players in the market.

Our experience was perfect. You ran it like you were doing SOC 2 for yourselves and that took a lot of burden off me.

“We immediately knew our security & compliance was in right hands”

Siva Rajamani

CEO & Co-Founder, Everstage

Through our SOC 2 journey, there was always a feeling of comfort in the Sprinto process.

It was smooth, efficient and we knew right away that our security & compliance was in the right hands.

“Sprinto is the best option for a fast moving startup in the market.”

Dipesh Rai

Co-Founder, Termgrid

The best thing about Sprinto is that they take ownership of the process end to end. It is very much a fully managed audit.

Having mapped the entire market before picking Sprinto, we had a very high bar. I am pleased to say they did a fantastic job and I couldn’t recommend them enough

“With Sprinto, our entire effort on SOC2 was time bound into 2 weeks”


Co-Founder, trywingman

Sprinto manages the entire audit prep journey. We got audit ready with a well defined time bound plan in 10 sessions. I am confident most companies should be able to achieve the same with Sprinto.

It’s amazing with Sprinto. Sprinto manages the entire audit prep journey.  Our overall experience is definitely 5/5

“Sprinto is a team of experts and that expertise came along with the product.”

Vivek Suriyamoorthy

Co-Founder & CTO, Everstage

Sprinto is a well thought out thorough product. I just had to execute what Sprinto asked me to. It was so easy.

All the information, all the learning for SOC 2 came from Sprinto directly. I didn’t have to do any compliance research.

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Data Analyst
HP Indigo

Sprinto has a hybrid model with both a software and a team that understands SOC 2. That makes a big difference — we as engineers did not have to learn any compliance.

We finished our SOC 2 prep in 10 live sessions and 3 hours of background work. It was super fast compared to any other option.

Bikram Dahal
Co-founder & CTO,

Sprinto is an excellent end-to-end offering to help companies get SOC 2 ready.

We had estimated more than 200 hours of CTO time to get SOC 2 ready. And then we found Sprinto — we got SOC 2 ready in 14 live sessions + 4 hours of offline effort

Sprinto is built for modern engineering teams – by engineers and compliance experts. Sprinto is designed to blend engineering best practices with compliance requirements, such that you get a stage-appropriate security program without compliance debt

Sprinto is a modern path to SOC 2 compliance

Grow your revenue faster with SOC 2! Sprinto helps you save hundreds of hours, fix issues quickly with continuous monitoring, and obtain a hassle free SOC 2 attestation.