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Manage risks with precision

Sprinto empowers you to assess and visualize the true impact of security risks based on trusted industry benchmarks so you broach risks with confidence, prioritize better, and manage systematically. Never prematurely dismiss risk or take on more liability than you should.

Comprehensive risk library

Quantitative risk assessment

Role-based remediation

Automated management workflows

ISO27005 aligned

Speculating risks leaves you vulnerable

Effective risk management demands evaluative judgments about risks within the business context and relative to common benchmarks. Without it, risk management becomes an intuitive activity, rife with assumptions and disconnected from reality—leading to a weak risk register, poor allocation of resources, and misguided decisions overall. As a result, the point of risk management is defeated.

Build true resilience with risk intelligence

Sprinto helps you rigorously interpret risks and assess impact—enabling you to act with thoughtful precision. Because it natively connects with your cloud stack, it can cull out misconfigurations and glaring vulnerabilities with speed and accuracy. This way you avoid over-hedging or under-hedging risk and build a true risk inventory. Supported by a comprehensive risk register and trusted industry benchmarks, Sprinto helps you assess and manage security risks intentionally, not intuitively.

Pinpoint risks unique to your business

Use Sprinto’s comprehensive risk library to scope out security risks across your business’s assets and processes. Add custom risks and assign impact scores to ensure a thorough risk register that reflects your reality and removes ambiguity in assessment. Update as you grow and ensure actionable risk data at all times.

Apply empirical rigor to risk assessment

Go beyond identifying risks. Score risks for their impact and likelihood of occurrence using trusted industry benchmarks that come baked into the Sprinto platform. Accept, reject, and transfer risks as per preferences, and adjust the depth and severity of mitigating actions. Assign risks to individual owners and sufficiently decentralize management.

Continuously monitor risks and controls

Automatically map risks to compliance criteria and controls inside Sprinto. Launch automated checks to test controls and track health on a central dashboard. When checks flag anomalies, trigger alerts, and remediation workflows to the right risk owners. Time-bound and context-rich alerts ensure a timely resolution throughout the lifecycle of risks, preventing them from flaring out.

Manage risks.
Not spreadsheets

Collect, manage, and update vital information like risk scores, likelihood of impact, risk owners, controls, and treatment plans in one place and centralize your risk management program. Sprinto continuously collects and consolidates risk and controls across your cloud, helps determine severity and treatment, and ensures active risk management from a single place of truth.

Deepen your risk management program

Process-based, asset-based or threat-based, trust Sprinto to help you build and launch a well-oiled risk management machinery that is capable of catching compliance drift, detecting vulnerabilities, accommodating new risks, ensuring resilience, and a culture of diligent risk management – no matter your approach to risk.

Get real-time, all-round visibility into risks

Sprinto produces a 360-degree view of org-wide, entity-down security risks and controls thereof so you know when, and where you are scaling or sliding.

Federate risk ownerships. Ensure accountability

Assign risk owners across your organizations to distribute workloads and accountability between team members to build a more stable, and responsive risk posture.

Scale your security posture with ease

Plan and prepare for multiple audits at once. Define audit periods for each framework, each business unit, and/or geography of operation that is tagged to Sprinto, and monitor controls for each audit without missing a beat.

Prove resilience with risk reports

Clearly illustrate risk, controls, and overall risk posture with comprehensive risk reports. Ensure communication transparency and cultivate trust among stakeholders and prospects to get buy-in and accelerate the sales cycle.

Sprinto gave us a systematic way to quantify risks from vendors. We even parted ways with a vendor who did not meet the security criteria

Georgi Petrov, CEO of NitroPack

Right-Size risks. Rationalize Management

Sprinto gives you the toolkit to map, mitigate, and manage security risks in a way that builds true visibility and guarantees risk resilience.

Risk impact benchmarks

60+ pre-mapped risks

Automation-driven management