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No matter the size or the scale of your business, Sprinto gives you the tools and support to organize, monitor, and scale all aspects of any security compliance.

compliance programs

compliance workflows

control monitoring

Sprinto supports

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Standout capabilities that drive success

Quantitative and qualitative risk assessment using a risk library

Role-based compliance task assignment and management

Security and privacy policy templates purpose-built for cloud companies

Built-in security and privacy training modules for employees

Dedicated auditor’s dashboard for evidence review

Complementary Trust Center pager for publishing compliance proofs

Roll out a compliance program in a matter of clicks

Enable a

your cloud stack

controls and checks

Monitor &
Manage, real-time

No cap on the number of entities you monitor on Sprinto

Built-in risk assessment module to accurately scope out gaps and opportunities

Track entity-level compliance journeys to measure progress and status.

Flexibility to add/edit controls as per the business context.

Bring existing frameworks, controls, and checks to Sprinto and automate tracking.

Automatic criteria-to-controls and control-to-checks mapping

Sprinto advantage: Common control mapping for efficient control management and multi-framework compliance management

Save time with automated alerts that drive actions

Staying on top of compliance issues and audit requirements is easy with a fully automated pipeline of checks and tiered workflows that are automatically triggered against a role. This way, you move forward without halting compliance.

Strict, rule-based entity-level checks

Tiered escalations with clear action steps

Real-time compliance status reflected on the health dashboard

Mark and define exceptions to ensure smooth audits

Email and Slack notifications for pending tasks

Sprinto advantage: Continuous compliance monitoring with the ability to add/edit controls as you go

Save time with automated alerts that drive actions

Frictionless evidence reviews and audits

Frictionless evidence reviews and audits

Collect and share compliance evidence directly from Sprinto. Add your auditor to the dashboard and share evidence samples for review from the repository available in-app.

Audit-ready compliance evidence

One-click auditor collaboration

Speedy evidence review and feedback

Sprinto advantage: White-glove audit readiness support from in-house compliance experts

Sprinto connects with 100+ cloud applications and services

Dedicated, expert guidance whenever you need it

Navigating compliance is anyway hard. Using the platform should not be. Sprinto’s compliance experts work with you from Day 1 to get your compliance programs up and running and delivering value right off the bat.

Global support

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1 hour TAT

Dedicated, expert guidance whenever you need it

Sprinto: Your growth superpower

Use Sprinto to centralize security compliance management – so nothing
gets in the way of your moving up and winning big.