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Compliance-aligned device management

MDM supports compliance
Sprinto supports MDM

Dr. Sprinto is a compliance-oriented MDM that protects devices and data while respecting employee privacy. Dr. Sprinto runs on demand and correlates reporting with device management controls to support compliance programs.

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High Flexibility

High fidelity reporting

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Standalone MDM can be disconnected and ineffective 

Traditional MDM tools burden infosec teams with both collating device data and correlating this data to controls
and compliance frameworks. At the same time, they must ensure that employee privacy isn’t compromised

Tie MDM to compliance with  Dr. Sprinto

Dr. Sprinto MDM is a single platform for employee device management and policy that’s more than just your good
ol’ MDM. It monitors devices on demand and syncs device status with compliance controls. Dr. Sprinto
ensures device settings are effectively monitored, status logs are collected, security actions are flagged, and all evidence is
linked back to compliance. This streamlined approach prevents infosec teams from losing bandwidth.

Drive effective device management
with Integrated MDM

Dr. Sprinto is a single window for continuous device security while ensuring employee privacy and compliance
alignment. Turn device status into compliance evidence and actions through automations and alerts.

Report devices

Define and register all in-scope devices into the management framework regardless of their OS and ownership. 

Manage controls

Roll out compliance-mandated controls to meet multiple compliances in one go. Configure alerts to enable device reporting and resolve misconfigurations in time.

Gather evidence

Save time by automatically capturing high-quality & right-scope audit evidence on a comprehensive dashboard, for easy compliance.

Bonus: Bring your own MDM and create
custom checks

Sprinto can integrate with 12+ supported MDM tools for device management or ingest evidence you collect using your own methods. Workflow checks will help keep track of device management efforts, through and through.

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Dr. Sprinto: Device management
without backbreaking compliance work

Integrate device security into compliance with Dr. Sprinto.
It’s like the tools you are used to, just more privacy-aware and directly compliance-aligned.