Sprinto for Startups & SMBs

Compliance ensured

Sprinto gives you the tools and capabilities you need to get a running start and breeze through compliance and audits. Supercharge your compliance journey with pre-built programs, controls library, policies, and automated workflows so you can hit audit deadlines and meet compliance demands.

Start off with pre-built resources

Automate tasks to save time

Collaborate on-platform with auditors

Trusted by fast-growing companies worldwide

“Sprinto made audits pleasurable! We always knew what had to be done and by when, it was all very straightforward.”

Rodney Olsen

VP of Engineering, Ripl

Fast-track your audits

When you’re an SMB working to achieve compliance within tight deadlines you need a compliance tool that matches your velocity. Sprinto empowers you with all the essential building blocks of compliance and audit readiness, including security programs, policies, controls, and control testing and evidence collection mechanisms, that help streamline and speed up compliance, making sure you are never noodling around with checklists or operating blind.

Achieve compliance in days, not months


first-timers get audit-ready in <30 days


more efficient than manual methods

<1 hour

per week to maintain compliance


less effort to scale compliance

Sprinto: Your SMB compliance ally

Sprinto simplifies compliance and tailors it to fast-growing SMBs. With out-of-the-box
resources and tools to translate complex tasks into actionable steps and streamline
compliance efforts, you’re set to take on audits with confidence.


20+ ready-to-launch, auditor-grade programs to ensure complete coverage


Built-in controls library, including policies that intuitively map to various compliance criteria


Automated control checks and task workflows to test and validate controls, catch anomalies, and fix issues in real-time.


Automatic evidence collection, sampling and collaboration on a secure dashboard without having to switch tools or coordinate between teams

“Each aspect of compliance is comprehensively covered and categorized. With just one click, you can see how each entity is faring in terms of compliance, including people, policies, and systems.”

Rishi Agarwal

Information Security Officer, GeoIQ

Make your first step the best yet

With Sprinto, one-time effort goes a long way. Once you have Sprinto’s rich foundation of controls and automated checks in place, the platform can intelligently apply both to any compliance framework so you don’t start from scratch when adding new security programs. Sprinto’s a growth amplifier for SMBs and startups – it makes compliance easier and more intuitive as you scale.

Save Time

Get audit-ready quicker than it takes you to onboard an IT specialist

  • Ready-to-launch programs for 20+ frameworks
  • Pre-built controls library 
  • Ready-to-use, editable policy templates and training modules

Save Money

Achieve compliance at a fraction of what it costs to engage a consultant 

  • All-inclusive platform for compliance and audit management
  • Access to an international network of auditors
  • Compliance crosswalks for optimal scaling

Save Effort

Lean on automation for housekeeping and expertise to stay on track

  • 200+ integrations and powerful APIs
  • Automated control monitoring, and evidence collection
  • Expert-led support to achieve and maintain compliance

We’ve got your back from start to finish

Sprinto’s cybersecurity-certified CX team is your pit crew for your race to compliance. We lay out
a roadmap for your audit, guide you through platform implementation, and help operationalize compliance
for stress-free audits. We’re with you from the first lap to the chequered flag, so you sail through audits
without ever having to take your foot off the gas.

1:1 guided platform implementation

Pre and post-audit

Global multi-channel

“We did not have to spend time checking boxes, the platform checked the boxes for us. And this guarantees you will remain compliant even after the certification is done.”

Imre Gelens

CTO, Uncover

Take compliance from a possibility to a guarantee