How Phyllo cut through compliance complexity with Sprinto’s proven solution

Phyllo is a data solutions company building the universal API for collecting and curating creator data. Their platform provides the underlying infrastructure for companies building apps for influencer marketing and the creator economy. It connects with a creator platform, maintains a live data feed to the systems used by these platforms to manage data, and produces a normalized dataset. Several companies, including, Beacons, Magiclinks, and Creative Juice, have seen great success with Phyllo’s API.

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An API’s effectiveness is not only determined by its ability to reduce complexity but also by the assurances it provides. As a data interface for a dynamic ecosystem, Masroor P Mohamed, Compliance and Governance Lead at Phyllo, regularly faces questions about the “conditions of data exchange,” particularly the security measures that surround it.

To ensure and demonstrate data security and confidentiality, Phyllo decided to undergo a SOC 2 audit.

After a quick investigation, it became clear that manual methods of setting up a SOC 2 compliance program would prove to be tedious in more than one way. With compliance automation available, they explored various solutions before ultimately selecting Sprinto. Remembers Masroor,

We did 4-5 demos with various compliance automation providers. In the end, Sprinto emerged as the best choice for its evident efficiency and support.


Phyllo integrated with Sprinto to organize and manage controls against SOC 2 trust service criteria.

Phyllo spent the first few weeks configuring their systems across the board to meet baseline compliance criteria. While an intensive exercise, Sprinto’s automated policy management served as a guide in ensuring the organization stayed the course.

Masroor found Sprinto’s comprehensive compliance coverage, enabled and strengthened by integrations, to be the most useful feature. The platform’s ability to bridge disparate functions and leaders across the entire organization and collaborate as one was particularly delightful and lent itself to a smooth compliance exercise.


Phyllo completed a SOC2 Type 1 audit first and went on to receive their Type 2 report within 6 months of getting started with the process.

Masroor remarks about the delightful audit experience, calling it “smooth as butter”. Sprinto’s auditor dashboard played a key role in enabling Phyllo to complete their SOC 2 audit seamlessly, without stretching themselves thin. Remarks Masroor,

Supported by the Sprinto team, we completed the audit in the easiest way possible!

Getting SOC 2 attestation is helping Phyllo in three major ways:

  • No more hesitation when customers ask if they are secure

Armed with a SOC 2 audit report, Phyllo feels confident extending the assurance of data security to their prospects and customers.

  • Increased customer confidence

Phyllo’s prospects and customers report greater confidence in the platform’s security and feel more in control of their data, which indicates improved trust.

  • Added value to the product

Masroor notes that customers now make purchase decisions with the knowledge that their data is completely secure with Phyllo. This added value to the product has already resulted in increased sales.

Sprinto has drastically simplified the management of compliance at Phyllo.