How Sprinto’s automation helped MoveInSync build a responsive compliance program

Trusted by 35+ Fortune 500s, including Google, IBM, Dell, and Amazon, India-based MoveInSync provides a one-stop solution for transparent and customizable fleet management services and employee transportation. Their comprehensive commute solutions seamlessly integrate technology, fleet management, and operations to ensure hassle-free employee commute management.




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With rapid expansion on the cards, MoveInSync realized the need to scale up its compliance program beyond ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certifications to meet the regulatory demands of organizations from diverse regions. The importance of SOC2 attestation was quickly growing, particularly for accessing the US market.

Tasked with managing a growing roster of compliance frameworks, Anurag Prabhakar, CISO at MoveInSync, resolved to revamp the organization’s compliance approach. The aim was to enhance agility and responsiveness, enabling the company to efficiently expand and promptly tackle new compliance requirements, all without the need for extra resources or increased effort. To accomplish this, he recognized that traditional methods relying on manual processes and Excel spreadsheets wouldn’t suffice. Instead, he strategically chose to implement automation to scale and streamline MoveInSync’s compliance practice.

We needed a solution that would automatically test controls and gather the right evidence, thereby eliminating a lot of the manual work and our dependence on other teams.

To improve the complex and inefficient compliance processes, Anurag looked for a solution that could stitch together all entities that impact compliance and apply automation to drive the entire compliance telemetry. Capabilities like common control mapping that ‘reduces redundant work’ were desirable to ensure a high-functioning multi-framework compliance machinery.

Besides streamlining its compliance program, Anurag sought a solution that would empower MoveInSync to take a proactive approach toward audits. “I looked for a system that could alert me before anything fails, to help us remediate issues preemptively. With Excel you can’t do that,” notes Anurag.

Sprinto emerged as the right solution partner after a thorough platform evaluation and Proof of Concept validation.


MoveInSync initiated its SOC2 journey by connecting various cloud systems to Sprinto and getting savvy with the platform over guided, workshop-style sessions led by in-house compliance experts.

Once connected, right-sizing their SOC2 program was next on the list. “We wanted to only configure those SOC2 trust principles that were relevant to our business, and it was surprisingly easy with Sprinto,” Anurag recalls. “Sprinto also automatically mapped our TSCs to relevant controls and checks.”

Nudging teams and individuals to complete their part, collect evidence, and validate control status had always been a disruptive and consuming exercise for MoveInSync’s small infosec team. This dependency on other functions to perform due diligence often derailed their compliance objectives and timelines.

With its wide berth of integrations, Sprinto connected across MoveInSync’s systems — people, technology, cloud — to consolidate risks and controls across the board, automating control testing and evidence collection. It simplified compliance attainment and reduced the infosec team’s dependency on other teams.

Sprinto automated more than 90% of our compliance tasks. This not only freed our team’s bandwidth but also enabled us to complete months’ worth of work in days.

Additionally, Sprinto’s automated and time-bound alerts allowed MoveInSync to catch compliance drift early and remediate issues before any checks could fail. This played a key role in helping MoveInSync maintain a spotless compliance posture, all the way to their SOC2 Type 2 audit.

There were multiple instances where Sprinto alerted and reminded us to take certain steps like uploading evidence, completing security training, and launching assessments, well before the checks could fail.


MoveInSync achieved SOC2 readiness within three months using Sprinto. Sprinto’s streamlined processes and automated workflows not only expedited their compliance journey but also added significant momentum to MoveInSync’s compliance goals.

Audits are a check. But compliance is about maintenance. With Sprinto, I stay assured that nothing will be missed, even as the systems update and change. Sprinto automatically monitors controls and raises alerts and triggers workflows that keep compliance on track.

Since implementing Sprinto, Anurag has noted a marked improvement in overall compliance posture and diligence. “Sprinto federates compliance accountability across the organization, inspiring employees to approach compliance activities with more discipline and sincerity.”

Key capabilities, like common control mapping, custom controls and checks, and automated control testing have armed MoveInsync with the ability to scale up compliance, expedite processes, and add new attestations quickly.

Security is an investment, not a return. Since effective working controls is the ultimate goal, you want to invest in tools that ensure accountability, transparency, and momentum. Like Sprinto.