Top PCI Compliance Software in 2024



Apr 08, 2024

PCI Compliance Software

The payment card industry is among the top targets of breaches. Creditdonkey reports that about 47% of Americans faced credit card fraud in the past five years. The same report states that card data theft incidents occur every two seconds. 

PCI DSS, a set of security standards, helps prevent financial loss from card data theft for businesses and customers alike. Merchants can stay compliant to these standards using PCI compliance software

Keep reading to learn all about top PCI DSS compliance software, its features, benefits, and more.  

What is PCI compliance software?

PCI compliance software is the tool or mechanism that helps you implement, manage, and stay compliant with the 12 PCI requirements. Businesses that process, transmit, or store cardholder data must comply with these requirements to ensure security of payments and transactions.

Security administrators can use PCI DSS software to demonstrate a strong security posture, protect sensitive customer data, remediate breaches, generate reports and avoid costly penalties from incidents. 

Top 10 PCI compliance software

If you are looking for the best PCI compliance software and google the same, you will end up with dozens of results – all businesses claiming their solution is the best. 

Confusing, right?

But worry not, we made your PCI compliance software shopping journey easier. 

Here are the 10 Best PCI compliance software in 2024:

  • Sprinto
  • Secureframe
  • Drata
  • AuditBoard
  • Vanta
  • Thoropass
  • Compliance Manager GRC
  • 6clicks
  • Scrut Automation
  • Netwrix Auditor

1. Sprinto

Sprinto is a full-stack compliance automation solution that helps cloud-based organizations gain PCI DSS compliance faster. It automates all processes and requirements such as evidence collection, security checklist coverage, and assess pre-set controls. 

PCI Compliance Software

Sprinto PCI compliance software features:

Streamline processes: Eliminates the burden of figuring out compliance requirements using pre-approved PCI programs. 

Adaptive automation: Organizes and captures actionable against tasks in an audit-friendly way. Offers pre-configured PCI-specific workflows and policy templates.

Async audit: Use the Sprinto dashboard to connect and coordinate with the auditor and collect evidence to quickly complete audits. 

Seamless integration: Connects to your existing cloud setup to facilitate risk consolidation, easy mapping of entry level controls, and run checks to discover non-compliance. 

Industries: Serves all industries.

Pricing: Fill out a form in the Schedule Demo page to get pricing details. 

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2. Secureframe

Secureframe is a security and privacy compliance platform that helps enterprises streamline their PCI DSS certification process. It helps to process, store, and transmit card data to secure online transactions.

Top PCI compliance software features:

Review status: Level 1 merchants, service providers, and organizations can simplify their assessment process by collecting evidence to meet all control requirements in a centralized location. 

Seamless integration: Easily integrates with existing vendors and gathers security and privacy data to map data flows and check security controls. Surfaces vulnerabilities and provides instructions to maintain security. 

Custom policies: Leverage library templates to create custom business policies. Enables employees to review and accept policies using the secureframe platform. 

PCI training: Efficiently track and train employees on cardholder data security and secure coding best practices. 

Continuous compliance: Continuously monitors the environment and triggers alerts to notify on due tasks and non-conformities. Automatically collects editor evidence and configuration data collection.

Industries: Serves all industries.

3. Drata 

Drata helps organizations be audit ready by automating the end-to-end compliance process. Users can manage PCI DSS controls and requirements from a centralized dashboard to achieve, maintain, and scale compliance. 

Top PCI compliance software features:

Compliance program: Offers out-of-the-box controls to boost security and compliance posture. Combines compliance expertise and an all-in-one solution to automate manual tasks. 

Automation: Enables users to use pre-mapped controls, automate monitoring, collect evidence, track assets, and access control visibility from a centralized dashboard. 

PCI playbook: Offers tools to quickly access compliance requirements and a single source for documentation. Eliminates errors due to manual tracking using pre-mapped controls. 

Industries: Serves all industries.

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4. AuditBoard

AuditBoard is a risk management platform that helps organizations streamline their risks, controls, policies, frameworks, and more. 

Some of its core capabilities include easy collaboration, automation, business intelligence, and workflow enhancement. 

Top PCI compliance software features:

Asset inventory: Offers a centralized location to manage, identify, and assess IT assets. Links risks and controls to build audits. 

Risk assessment: Offers risk templates to streamline risk assessment and scores risks based on level of threat and severity. 

Evidence collection: Eliminates the need for multiple evidence collection by using a single piece for all stakeholders. Shares and schedules send requests to stakeholders and collect evidence in a centralized location. 

Compliance and report management: Automates issue identification and facilitates users to easily create, test, assign, and follow up on issues. Easily built management-ready audit reports. 

Industries: Serves all industries.

5. Vanta 

Vanta helps organizations improve their security posture and automate compliance. It connects to your existing system using pre-built integrations, customizing needs using auditor-approved controls, and alerting users via multiple channels to complete pending tasks. 

Top PCI compliance software features:

Continuous security: Enables businesses to gain a security-first approach through continuous security monitoring and meeting new PCI requirements. 

Faster and cost-effective module: Helps to reduce dependencies on third-party consultants and manual tasks with guided actions.

Compliance simplification: Enables teams to understand and comply with PCI requirements. Connects business tools to kickstart actionables that prove compliance. 

Top PCI DSS clients: bolvo, flow

Industries: Serves all industries.

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6. Thoropass (Previously known as Laika)

Thoropass is a comprehensive infosec building and automation platform that enables organizations to gain fast and efficient compliance posture. It streamlines and accelerates the PCI DSS certification process using a combination of self-assessment support and expertise. 

Top PCI compliance software features:

Compliance implementation: Build a custom compliance program with easy onboarding, guided controls, policy templates, and roadmaps. 

Continuous compliance: Stay compliant by monitoring the environment, vendor risk management, security training, and penetration testing. 

Audit management: Offers automated evidence collection, in-built audit management, and auditor-friendly monitoring to help users streamline compliance. 

Team collaboration: Facilitates easy collaboration across teams with automated notifications, project management tools, and assignment controls. 

Security assessment: Offers questionnaire syncing, auto-fill, search options, and library management tools to help organizations close deals faster. 

Industries: Serves all industries.

7. Compliance Manager GRC

Compliance Manager GRC is a risk and compliance management platform. It automates functions like data gathering, issue management, and documentation using a web-based portal. 

Users can meet all PCI DSS requirements and stay compliant with IT security by accessing their solution from any device. 

Top PCI compliance software features:

End-to-end solution: Meet PCI DSS requirements, track cyber risk insurance policy, and implement IT processes from a centralized solution.

Automate report: Automates tasks like data collection, management plans, and document generation specific to your organization. 

Easy tool: Easily manage PCI DSS specific parameters using the simple platform. Load custom requirements and controls and track the scope of your IT from a single dashboard. 

Industries: Serves all industries

8. 6clicks 

6clicks offers an easy way to implement and automate risk program and achieve compliance. Users can streamline their audits, conduct vendor risks assessment, and implement policies. 

Users can streamline their PCI DSS compliance process using an easy platform to manage policies, risks, assets, and evidence.  

Top PCI compliance software features:

Risk assessment: Assess systems, clients, and vendors as per the latest PCI requirements. Help to simplify complex business processes to entity level. 

Remediation: Manage and take action on identified risks in the remediation lifecycle. Links risks and activities to the task to facilitate audit trail maintenance. 

Report builder: Enablers users to generate a delivery ready Report on Compliance (RoC) using a prep populated template based on assessment.

Industries: Serves all industries

Pricing: Fill out a form in the pricing page to get pricing details 

9. Scrut Automation

Scrut Automation is an all-in-one automation platform that monitors the environment, collects security control evidence, and streamlines compliance to make it audit-ready. Users can strengthen their PCI DSS compliance posture using pre-built controls and around-the-clock monitoring. 

Top PCI compliance software features:

PCI DSS readiness: Offers a comprehensive view of compliance posture to help understand the readiness level. 

Pre built policies: The policy library offers pre-built controls to set up an infosec program quickly. Create custom policies and get them vetted by experts. 

Monitor controls: Monitors the environment in real-time using automated control monitoring. Configurable alerts help users prevent compliance issues. 

Evidence collection: Easily integrates with common applications to automatically collect evidence across the infrastructure against pre-mapped controls. 

Industries: Serves all industries.

Pricing: Fill out a form in the Schedule a Demo page to get pricing details. 

10. Netwrix Auditor

Netwrix Auditor is a visibility platform that facilitates user behavior analysis and risk mitigation. Users gain control over changes, pre-set configurations and access controls to protect data wherever deployed. 

Users can achieve and maintain PCI DSS compliance requirements through deep visibility into systems and applications, implement security controls to protect cardholder data and create evidence for compliance. 

Top PCI compliance software features:

Risk assessment: Identifies security gaps, prioritizes remediation based on level of security, and leverages security intelligence to address gaps to data threat. 

Access management: Secures sensitive files by implementing role-based access. Conducts privilege attestations to comply with PCI requirements. Keeps a log of access to card data and detects repeated failed access attempts to identify suspicious behavior. 

Data masking: Hides card numbers when not required and shows the information needed only for employee productivity. 

Accessibility: Interactive search feature allows users to surface specific information, identify suspicious behavior, and find answers to auditor questions. 

Industries: Serves all industries.

Pricing: Fill out a form in the Free Trials page to get pricing details. 

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Benefits of PCI compliance software

Like every regulation out there, the requirements of PCI DSS are rigorous – implementing it all correctly is easier said than done. Things can get really messy without external help and tools to streamline the process. 

PCI DSS compliance software helps to monitor your control environment to check for non-compliance. We can guarantee multiple misses across the infrastructure if you try to secure your controls manually. 

PCI DSS requires merchants to implement strong access control measures. While most computers allow you to set up a basic access control system, it does not offer adequate protection. With PCI software, you can launch a strong program to manage access and also create an audit log. 

PCI dss Software benefits

Moreover, it is crucial for merchants to eliminate exciting and potential risks to cardholder data. You can achieve this faster and easier with an automated risk assessment program to detect and investigate threats. 

The bottom line – PCI software helps you manage all components and operational requirements that would be very difficult, if not impossible to handle manually. In short, a PCI compliance tool puts your to dos on autopilot and completes them significantly faster. 

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What Next?

That was a long list! We hope we helped to have a better understanding of the top players in the PCI DSS Compliance Software market. 

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Can software be PCI compliant?

If the software manages, stores, transacts or handles customer payment card data, it should comply with PCI requirements. 

How can I get PCI DSS complaint?

In order to get PCI compliant, know the 12 PCI DSS requirements, analyze your organization’s needs, conduct risk and gap assessments, and complete relevant questionnaires. For a stepwise detailed guide, click here.

What is the best PCI compliance software?

The best PCI compliance software is the one that meets the requirements specific to your business. Some PCI compliance solutions trusted by customers are Sprinto, 6Clicks, and NetWrix.

How to automate PCI compliance?

You can automate PCI compliance using a software like Sprinto that continuously monitors your system for threats, triggers alerts for non-compliance, and facilitates custom policy settings to reduce human involvement.

Which tool would you use to comply with PCI DSS requirement 11?

The Sprinto solution runs fully automated checks, notifies system administrators for security issues, and identifies malicious behavior before it infects.

What is a cost-effective PCI compliance software?

Sprinto is an all one cost-effective PCI compliance software that offers continuous compliance, employee training, automation, audit logs, risk assessment, and more from an easy to use custom dashboard.



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