PCI Automation: How To Get Started

Meeba Gracy

Meeba Gracy

Apr 01, 2024

pci automation how to get started

You’ve worked hard to build trust with your customers and create a solid business, but data security is one of the biggest talking points. Breaches can not only impact customers but can cause them to distrust your business. And this is one of the reasons why you need a PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance.

However, obtaining a PCI DSS certification can be a complicated process. That’s unless you have a tool for PCI automation that helps you simplify and speed up the process.

What is PCI DSS Automation?

PCI DSS automation is an exciting new technology that promises to revolutionize the world of data security. It provides a full suite of features to ensure that Payment Card Data is securely handled across environments and platforms. 

PCI automation

Also, PCI automation allows your company to reduce complexity and quickly respond to any changes or threats. It also simplifies compliance while providing more robust security features—such as encryption, segmentation, and monitoring—than traditional manual processes. 

With its PCI industrial automation, companies can take care of the mundane and time-consuming tasks associated with getting PCI compliant without investing hours poring over paperwork and complex documentation. 

Addressing security concerns has always been more complex and inefficient. Now let’s see why you need an automation software to help you with this.

Also check out this video on PCI DSS overview:

Why do you need PCI Automation?

PCI Automation is key for engineering teams that comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Keeping up with these requirements can be complex and labor-intensive, making it difficult for teams to focus on their core mission. By automating PCI processes, organizations can strengthen security without compromising product innovation.

Sprinto provides companies with advanced automation capabilities to simplify PCI compliance. The platform supports continuous compliance testing with automated security assessments that help identify threats before they become full-blown issues. 

Now why do you require this?

Because it ensures that you can automate evidence collection accurately and that you remain in compliance at all times, moreover, Sprinto’s intuitive dashboard helps you visualize your entire network environment, giving you better visibility into potential weak points. 

Hence, when streamlining the PCI industrial automation, Sprinto helps you reduce costs while improving your security posture. With its automated workflows and real-time risk-tracking capabilities, Sprinto makes it easy to stay compliant with all relevant PCI standards while freeing your engineers to focus on product innovation.

PCI Automation with Sprinto

How to automate PCI Implementation with the help of Sprinto?

You don’t need to worry about manually doing all the work when automating PCI implementations.

Here is how Sprinto can help you with all the dynamic features:

PCI DSS Implementation

Expert Guidance

When implementing a PCI strategy, it can be daunting to tackle the sheer scope of what needs to be done first. Whether you’re just getting started or need a refresher, starting with expert guidance is always the best course of action.

That’s where we come in. We provide a way for you to identify and better understand the exact scope of your security measures to focus your time and energy on areas with the most significant impact. 

Straightforward PCI playbook

Utilizing Sprinto to automate PCI implementation eliminates the process-driven hassle and effort of aligning systems. This is because it combines the two critical elements – tasks and technology- to take organizations from challenge to resolution quickly. 

With Sprinto’s adaptive automation capabilities, you don’t have to worry about compiling a laborious manual or individualized roadmap. It provides already-prepared PCI playbooks that allow each organization’s tailored requirements to unfold as it goes through the steps. 

Compliant tasks are populated in layered tiers, assisting organizations with their security landscape according to compliance objectives. 

So, Sprinto helps tackle challenges head-on with its easy-to-implement automation-driven playbook!

Continuous monitoring 

Sprinto’s continuous monitoring platform is designed to uphold best practices and ensure resilience regarding security control checks. This keeps your organization on top of the game and compliant with PCI standards. 

With real-time monitoring at scale – even down to the entity level – you can rest assured that PCI automation solution will take care of the auditing process without you expending extra time or effort.

Scanning vendors/PCI tools and services 

The last step would be to scan vendors and PCI tools and services for data discovery, file integrity scanners, scans, etc., to automate PCI implementation. 

For example, performing an external vulnerability scan of an organization’s network or website can help identify potential risks quickly and easily so that you can take appropriate measures. It helps ensure your company’s data stays secure in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

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Benefits of PCI Automation

Here are some of the benefits of PCI automation:

It’s Efficient

Managing PCI compliance can seem like too much if your business is short on time and skilled engineers. With all the software configuration, security measures, and other requirements to meet, the engineering time you spend to achieve compliance can take away from development time and resources you could use for your product. 

This is why PCI automation offers a huge benefit to businesses out there. They do most of the initial assessment and give your engineers a list of protocols to implement the necessary steps for compliance with confidence quickly. 

Reduced Cost

As the saying goes, “it’s better to waste money than time; you can always get your money back.” Being able to save money is an extremely appealing idea, and one of the best ways to do so when it comes to your PCI compliance process is by using a platform like Sprinto. Doing so helps you save valuable engineering time and cuts costs related to hiring higher-level engineers. 

Now, it means that your audit will be over quickly and efficiently, and you only have to pay once if you pass successfully instead of another audit.

Simplify Everything

You need constant monitoring to stay on top of any changes or updates to your system, cloud configuration, and other elements that could create security holes. This is a huge and tedious task if done manually. 

With PCI automation, however, you no longer need to worry as much about staying compliant. You can set the system up once and then let it run in the background assessing any changes or updates for you. This will take away a lot of time-consuming stress from you, so you can focus on running a smooth organization!

Where to Start?

Obtaining PCI DSS Certification may seem daunting, but the process can be easy with the PCI compliance automation. 

At Sprinto, we’ve created an efficient approach to ensure your cloud-hosted company gets certified promptly. 

Plus, you’ll be able to demonstrate to customers that their data is secure, thereby building consumer trust for your product or service. 

Book a demo with us today, see how we can help get your cloud-hosted business certified and prove that it follows industry-standard security protocols.


Why is PCI DSS important?

PCI DSS is important because it provides your company baseline security requirements when a potential security breach occurs. It offers straightforward guidelines on how you have to handle your customers’ payment data.

Does PCI DSS apply to issuers?

Yes, PCI DSS does apply to issuers as well. Any organization that stores, transmits, or processes credit or debit card information must comply with the PCI DSS.

What is the main objective of PCI DSS?

The main objective of PCI DSS is to protect cardholder data and sensitive data, whether it is stored, transmitted, or processed.

Meeba Gracy

Meeba Gracy

Meeba, an ISC2-certified cybersecurity specialist, passionately decodes and delivers impactful content on compliance and complex digital security matters. Adept at transforming intricate concepts into accessible insights, she’s committed to enlightening readers. Off the clock, she can be found with her nose in the latest thriller novel or exploring new haunts in the city.

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