Most Recommended SIEM Tools in 2024



Feb 10, 2024

Most Recommended SIEM Tools in 2023

With increasing compliance requirements and cyber-attacks on the rise, organizations see the need to give their security posture reinforcement. It’s no wonder that 84% of organizations believe that they would benefit from a cloud-native SIEM (Security Information and Event Management). 

A SIEM tool is a crucial tool in the organization’s security arsenal but can be invaluable in identifying, investigating, and responding to all types of security threats in real-time.

This article lists down the top 15 SIEM tools and contains tips to help you pick the right one for your business. 

What are SIEM Tools?

SIEM tools are essentially a combination of two systems—Security Information Management (SIM) and Security Event Management (SEM) aimed at enabling organizations to quickly identify and respond to threats without disrupting business activities. SIME tools aid organizations and their security administrators to identify, prioritize, resolve, and keep track of potential threat events in an effective and timely manner. 

They help organizations keep track of their security posture in real time while analyzing the threat surface and ensuring they are prepared to handle any threats that come their way. SIEM tools can collect logs and other crucial data, alert security teams of suspicious or malicious activity, and facilitate tasks that pertain to incident and event management.

Why is SIEM Software Important?

SIEM tools allow security teams to collect and analyze data from the company’s devices, applications, and systems in real-time while delivering operational capabilities like incident management, compliance reporting, etc.

Here are some of the benefits of a SIEM tool:

  • SIEM tools track the virtual footprints of a cyber threat actor to help you understand when, how, and why a past attack/event happened.
  • They can help you identify the origin of past attacks so that you can find and apply a suitable remedy.
  • SIEM tools can effectively differentiate between legitimate system usage and malicious activity. This helps in safeguarding data and systems from incidents.
  • As SIEM tools help with log management, they help you with auditing activities and help the organization comply with various compliance standards like SOC 2, HIPAA, PCI, etc.
  • They help you protect your business reputation by helping you keep your IT infrastructure secure and avoid regulatory fines and penalties.

What are the common capabilities of SIEM tools?

All SIEM tools offer these basic features: 

  • Log management: Automatically collect and store audit trail for user system interaction to help investigate threats. 
  • Event correlation: Analyze multiple events to discover patterns and trends that may help to understand the broader context
  • Real-time monitoring: Continuously run scans across the endpoints to detect irregularities or anomalous behavior
  • Alerting and notification: Triggers alerts to the right user with relevant context of a threat to ensure quick resolution 
  • Threat intelligence: Gathers data from multiple sources like security feeds, research, and analysis to offer context into new threat events
  • Incident response automation: Contain, mitigate, and remove the threat upon its detection. Prevent it from spreading to other systems

Top 15 SIEM Tools

Just like most cyber security and compliance tools, there is no one-fit-all SIEM tool for any organization. There are a lot of SIEM tools in the market, and picking the right one for your business should be based on your goals and requirements.

Here are the top 15 SIEM software you need to be aware of:

1. Sprinto (Editor’s Choice)

Sprinto is a smart compliance automation platform that helps you establish strong SIEM practices in your organization. The cloud-based solution is perfect for all industries and helps you monitor security data and systems in real time to manage incidents effectively.

The tool helps your organization monitor and gather useful information to notify about threats as soon as they are detected and log them. It enables gap and risk analysis at an entity-level while automating security checks to help you meet security and compliance requirements.

As a compliance automation platform, Sprinto supports workflows for different compliance frameworks such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, NIST, and more. Sprinto also offers an intuitive real-time health dashboard that displays the compliance and security status of the organization. With such features, Sprinto is a great SIEM solution for organizations looking to implement and monitor security controls to shorten the time needed to gain compliance.


  • Comprehensive risk library for qualitative and quantitative risk assessment
  • Automated log monitoring and auditing features
  • Insightful and comprehensive audit-ready reports for auditors and stakeholders
  • Compliance automation features to meet different regulatory requirements
  • Event and incident management with incident response capabilities and systematic escalations
Real-time threat monitoring and real-time threat detection
Intuitive interface with easily navigable features
Automated evidence collection to prove compliance
Seamless integration with different cloud setups
Serves all industries and has exemplary customer support
Analytics can be improved

Manage security threats and incidents with Sprinto

2. SolarWinds Security Event Manager

SolarWinds is a powerful SIEM tool that helps you monitor security threats in real-time. With comprehensive log management and reporting features, SolarWinds helps you with incident review and response as well as automated threat remediation.


  • Advanced log filtering and forensic analysis
  • Real-time monitoring to flag suspicious activities
  • Centralized log collection to maintain records
  • Historical analysis to identify threat patterns and more
  • Real-time system alerts to report breaches
Wide range of integrations
Easy log filtering
Comprehensive dashboard
Integrated compliance reporting tools
Steep learning curve

3. Fusion SIEM

Fusion by Exabeam is a comprehensive solution that features SIEM and XDR (Extended Detection and Response) functionality for complete security coverage. The cloud solution offers intelligent threat investigation and log management with the help of behavior analytics to help you tackle cybersecurity with ease.


  • Automation features to reduce threat response times
  • Detailed compliance reporting and rapid search options
  • Report builder to easily generate comprehensive reports
  • SOAR feature for advanced threat detection and response
  • Pre-packaged workflows, response checklists, and automated playbooks
Secure, off-site installation
Automated threat responses to shut down attacks
Smart alerts help reduce false positives for identified threats
Advanced search options
Helps you with compliance mandates
No free trial
Complex for small organizations

4. Graylog

Graylog is a log management and analysis tool for your security operations. The tool captures log messages from different systems and applications for complete security analysis. Graylog helps mitigate risks and security issues effectively with anomaly detection and user entity behavior analytics.


  • Advanced data collector for in-depth log collection
  • Pre-written templates for SIEM functions
  • Automated responses in case of threat detection
  • Data visualization features for more visibility
  • Comprehensive trends and metrics
Ad-hoc query tool
Easy and comprehensive reporting
Adaptable SIEM functions
Historical threat analysis
Not available for Windows
Interface can be better

Find out how Sprinto can help you manage security complaince

5. Datadog Security Monitoring

Datadog is a full-stack SIEM system that monitors live logs and collects log file entries. It analyzes all captured files and triggers alerts in case of any security incidents. With the automatic updation of threat detection rules, Datadog helps with security monitoring, log management, and audit trails to help you effectively strengthen the company’s security posture.


  • Real-time security event detection
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Pre-configured threat detection rules
  • Activity capturing from cloud systems and on-site applications
  • Advanced alerting and notification features
500+ integrations
Advanced threat detection
User-friendly dashboard
Real-time log monitoring
Can be complex for small organizations

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6. LogPoint

LogPoint is an SIEM cloud platform that uses machine learning processes for activity tracking and threat detection. The AI-driven software easily detects manual intrusion and zero-day attacks using anomaly-based threat-hunting techniques. 


  • UEBA module for activity tracking
  • Threat intelligence feed for threat analysis
  • Account takeover detection
  • GDPR reporting to demonstrate compliance evidence
  • Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) database to identify typical attack strategies
Smart threat detection rules
Insider threat detection
Easily integrates with other tools
Suitable solution for businesses that operate multiple sites
No free trial
Limited compliance reporting features

7. ManageEngine Log360

Log360 by ManageEngine is a great SIEM tool for threat detection and risk mitigation. The tool constantly monitors your files, folders, and logs and sends you real-time alerts in case of concerning changes. Log360 also features a compliance reporting module to help you with GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, and more.


  • Smart threat intelligence feed for threat analysis
  • Integrates with over 700 applications
  • Risk scoring system for users and entities
  • Machine-learning-based threat detection
  • Custom templates to create and set internal security policies
Automated threat detection
File integrity monitoring to identify breaches
Manual data analysis tool
Compliance management and log management
Not supported on LinuxUI is outdated

8. Fortinet FortiSIEM

FortiSIEM is an enterprise-level SIEM tool that leverages behavioral analytics to quickly detect and respond to threats. With a built-in configuration management database, FortiSIEM easily builds your asset inventory and tracks each asset continuously to help you gain real-time visibility into your security status.


  • AI-driven behavior anomaly detection capabilities
  • Automated threat response and remediation
  • Compliance reports generation
  • Real-time security analytics and insights
  • Integration with other applications using robust APIs
Security implementation across virtual networks
Machine learning-based threat intelligence
Streamlined workflows with built-in playbooks
Self-learning asset inventory
Expensive than other tools in the segment

9. LogRhythm

The LogRhythm NextGen SIEM platform is a solid asset for organizations to get comprehensive insights into their security posture to quickly prevent incidents. By automating threat detection and other labor-intensive repetitive work using LogRhythm, you can gain wider visibility into your entire IT infrastructure.


  • Log file management features
  • Artificial intelligence-based threat detection system
  • Deployment manager to configure your security settings
  • Customizable dashboard to view the organization’s overall security status
  • Immediate results with advanced search options
Highly customizable, intuitive interface
Uses machine learning for behavior analysis
Beginner-friendly log management features
Data visualization tools
No trial version
Lacks cross-platform support

10. Splunk Enterprise SIEM

Splunk is one of the leading names in the SIEM industry that helps you monitor logs and security data in real-time to identify and report potential vulnerabilities. Splunk Enterprise Security SIEM responds quickly to threats and allows security teams to create their own automated defense rules, threat-hunting searches, and more.


  • Automated workflows for quick threat response
  • Event sequencing features
  • Alert management capability to notify users of different threats and events
  • Asset investigator to identify and list all apps and digital assets
  • Risk scoring and remediation
Highly visual and customizable user interface
Enterprise-focused SIEM
Uses behavior analysis to detect threats
Easy event prioritization
Not cost-efficient for small businesses as compared to larger businesses
Steep learning curve

11. Rapid7 InsightIDR

InsightIDR is a two-in-one scalable platform that features both SIEM and XDR. The tool integrates agents on your cloud services to easily collect, upload, and analyze activity data. It is one of the best security solutions that offers endpoint protection with the help of a threat intelligence feed to detect and respond to threats.


  • Network security scanning to detect anomalies
  • User and entity behavior analytics
  • Centralized log management
  • Insight Agents for endpoint detection and asset discovery
  • Advanced threat alerting system
SOAR functionality
Automated threat detection and response
Action Logging for audits
Uses deception technology utilities
Limited to securing systems that are connected to the Internet (can’t protect offline systems)

12. IBM Security QRadar

IBM Security QRadar is an industry-leading SIEM tool that is visual-heavy and provides security monitoring of your complete IT environment. It helps you with event correlation, threat detection, log data collection, Intrusion Detection System, and more. The software utilizes a built-in risk management solution and vulnerability databases to identify and prioritize security alerts.


  • Behavioral profiling technology to identify threat patterns
  • Presets and workflows for different use cases
  • Integrations with different security applications
  • Out-of-the-box functionality to mitigate critical incidents
  • Smart reporting features
Visually appealing and highly customizable interface
Easy use case building and rules creation
Comprehensive log and event collection
Strong threat intelligence
Search queries feature can be improved

13. Trellix Helix

Trellix Helix is a modern cloud-based SIEM system that deploys agents on the organization’s network to collect and monitor data from different devices and endpoints. After detecting threats, Helix sends remediation instructions to the relevant security applications for a streamlined security process.


  • Threat intelligence feed
  • Integrates seamlessly with third-party tools
  • Anomaly-based security analysis
  • Advanced log management to crawl network activity records
  • SOAR functionality with pre-built playbooks

Guided threat investigation
UEBA functionality
Advanced security analytics
Integrated security insights from different applications
Reporting can be better

14. Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM

Sumo Logic Cloud SIEM is a deep security analysis tool that improves visibility into your on-premise, multi-cloud environment, and hybrid infrastructure. It helps you understand the context and origin of the attacks. With streamlined workflows, Cloud SIEM automates threat detection and triage alerts to mitigate risks.


  • Built-in automation and playbooks
  • Insight Engine to help you understand threats
  • Intelligent log management
  • User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) features
  • Automated report generation
Advanced search options
Single, collaborative SIEM platform
Automates core analysis tasks
Powerful actionable insight and reporting
Integrations can be better
Pricing is a bit expensive

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15. Elastic Security

Elastic Security is a SIEM system built on top of an open-source Elastic Stack. This tool helps in detecting and mitigating threats with the help of cloud monitoring, endpoint security, and real-time threat hunting. You can use Elastic Security for historical data analysis to visualize security-related data from different apps and a range of devices.


  • Live and historical data analysis
  • Package of other security tools in the Elastic Stack
  • Automated threat detection and response
  • Environment-wide ransomware and malware protection
  • Simplified reporting options to gain insights
Customizable dashboard with drag-and-drop fields
Intuitive user interface
Effective log file management
Unique, out-of-the-box threat hunting
Set-up is a bit complex

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Best open source SIEM tools in 2024

If you are looking for a basic solution to support a limited number of systems, open-source SIEM tools are the right choice. Here are some of the best tools you can consider: 

AlienVault OSSIM

AlienVault OSSIM is an open-source SIEM tool that helps gain visibility into malicious hosts in real time. It offers a wide range of capabilities like event collection, normalization, asset discovery, vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection, and event correlations. It caters to risk managers, security administrators, tech consultants, and analysts. The tool runs on Windows and Linux OS. 

MozDef (Mozilla Defense Platform)

MozDef automates the process of security incident management by detecting security events, analyzing the events, and facilitating real-time collaboration between threat handlers. It offers SIEM capabilities like accepting log events, strong events, enabling searches, and log management. 

The architecture is built on open-source technologies like Nginx, RabbitMQ, uWSGI,, Elasticsearch, Meteor, MongoDB, and Firefox. It runs on Mac and Linux. 


Wazuh is a free and open-source platform that combines SIEM and XDR (extended detection and response) capabilities for endpoints and cloud-hosted systems. It aggregates and analyses telemetry in real-time to facilitate efficient threat detection. Users can conduct log analysis, configure assessments, and detect vulnerabilities by using data collected from endpoints, networks, cloud workloads, and applications. The platform is supported on Linux. 

Prelude OSS

Prelude OSS enables users to collect, correlate, normalize, and aggregate security log events on small environments. The system triggers alerts upon detecting an intrusion in the network by using real-time logs and flow analyzers. Users can conduct forensic reporting on large volumes of data to discover weak signals as well as APT (advanced persistent threats). It runs on Linux and NIX. 


Sagan leverages AI and machine learning to protect cloud environments by continuously learning to identify credible and incredible threats. Its log analysis system is designed to support SOC operations. 

Sagan’s centralized dashboard provides a quick overview of the operation status and security threats in real time. It displays security events on an Attack Map to help users gain visibility into all attack vectors. The tool offers custom reporting capabilities, domain tracking system, malware extraction, and packet analysis. 

Difference between open source and enterprise SIEM tools 

Open-source tools are not for advanced users and do not support complex systems. These are usually low maintenance, offer limited support, and are budget-friendly. Users get basic features like log monitoring and event data collection. If you are a growing company, consider switching to an enterprise-grade SIEM tool, as open-source systems are not built to process large volumes of data or are scalable. 

Enterprise-grade SIEM tools charge annual or bundled subscription costs. These are built to process large volumes of data seamlessly, scale as you grow, and add more tech stacks to your system, and provide customer support. These tools offer customizable and advanced features like user behavior analysis, AI-based threat detection, signatureless malware identification, and more. 

How to Select the Right SIEM Software?

Every entry on this list comes with features and functionalities that suit organizations of every size and industry. However, selecting the best SIEM tool for your organization can be tricky. 

 How to Select the Right SIEM Software?

Here are a few things you should remember while selecting the right SIEM software for your organization:

Evaluate your goals and requirements

Before selecting the SIEM software, evaluate your company’s specific goals and security requirements. Doing so will help you understand what exactly you want to achieve with the SIEM tool so that you can look for those particular functionalities.

Compare core features

The specific features and functionalities of the SIEM tool should address your security requirements. For that, you should evaluate core features and compare them. Some features like log data management, threat intelligence, regulatory compliance reporting, real-time analysis, etc can have a significant impact on your security operations and so, need to be evaluated carefully.

Look for user-friendliness

As the software becomes a crucial element of your security framework, it’s essential to ensure it comes with user-friendly features. A steep learning curve should stretch the implementation period significantly and may stand in the way of enhanced productivity.

Be budget-conscious

Finally, you need to consider the pricing of SIEM tools to choose the one that falls within your budget. Before deciding, attend a demo session or sit through a trial run to explore the extent of the SIEM tool’s features. A demo call also helps you clear any doubts about pricing, license and features that you may have.

Embrace continuous compliance with Sprinto

We took you through the journey of exploring the best SIEM tools in the market. Most of these tools and services follow a quote-based pricing model and may change as per your organization’s specific security requirements. However, if you are looking for a solution that can come with all the required features and add compliance certifications into the mix, Sprinto is just the option for you. 

At Sprinto, we believe that both security and compliance are intertwined, and that’s why we help organizations build an unbreakable security stance through a continuous compliance framework.

Speak with our security experts, and we’ll get you started. 


How does SIEM work?

SIEM tools collect, analyze, store, and process large volumes of data from endpoints and devices to generate log reports and alert users in real-time about potential threats. They use predefined rules to help security teams identify threats, generate alerts, and take appropriate security measures.

What is a security event?

A security event is any unusual activity (unintended use of a system resource) that indicates that data or network infrastructure has been accessed without authorization. This could mean an origin or a passing point for a security breach when other actions are considered.

How much does an SIEM tool cost?

SIEM systems and tools have different configurations and features for small, medium, and larger organizations. The license pricing varies based on the organization’s requirements and the tool they choose. It can generally cost from $20,000 to $1 million yearly.

What is log parsing in SIEM?

Log parsing is a technique used in SIEM systems to extract data elements from the raw log files for security analysis. It helps you better correlate data across systems to understand past incidents, critical threats, and attack vectors.

What is the difference between SIEM and SEM?

Security Event Management (SEM) is the gathering, identifying, monitoring, and correlating of system events and alerts. On the other hand, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a system that collects, organizes, and analyzes security-related activity, logs, and events from different applications, devices, and endpoints.



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