Secureframe Vs Vanta: In Depth Analysis of Ten Key Differences 



May 06, 2024

secureframe vs vanta

Get ready for another epic showdown in the security compliance platform arena between two popular players: Secureframe vs. Vanta. We’ve meticulously evaluated their capabilities across ten crucial features in this category and, for good measure, added one more option you must consider—Sprinto. Our goal is to provide you with the insights you need to determine which platform better aligns with your compliance requirements. With that being said, let’s get started.

Round 1: Introduction


Secureframe is a compliance automation solution that streamlines compliance processes, automates tests, manages failing controls, and collects evidence to maintain a strong security posture. You can check out a detailed comparison of top Secureframe alternatives and competitors


Vanta empowers SaaS businesses of any scale to efficiently manage risk and demonstrate real-time security compliance. It streamlines intricate and time-consuming processes involved in obtaining certifications like SOC 2, HIPAA, ISO 27001, PCI, and GDPR compliance certifications through automation. You can check a detailed feature-wise comparison for the best Vanta competitors


Sprinto is a comprehensive compliance automation and risk management solution that integrates risk management, data governance, and security compliance management into one platform. It helps businesses effectively mitigate cyber risks and meet regulatory requirements with ease. 

Round 2: Major considerations 

Secureframe Vanta Sprinto 
Who is it for?
Secureframe is ideal for smaller companies aiming to manage one or two compliance programs effectively. However, for enterprise-level organizations, it may not be the optimal choice, as the platform may struggle to handle large volumes of data or scale progressively when dealing with increased complexity.Vanta caters to companies of all sizes, from small to large enterprises. As an early leader in the market, their platform boasts a level of maturity that sets them apart from many competitors. Sprinto’s platform is designed to cater to organizations of all sizes. Its compliance modules are exceptionally responsive, and can adapt to increasingly complex activities as your organization expands.
Platform UX/ ease of use
The platform is simple and gets the job done. However, users often express frustration with the navigation system as they must go through numerous drawers and sections to access the necessary information. Users may have to learn and remember the locations of various items.The platform is straightforward, user-friendly, and designed to help users find it effortless to navigate. However, a minority of users have noted that it may not be as intuitive as they would prefer.Sprinto’s compliance modules are designed with a focus on functionality, allowing users to navigate swiftly. Each module, like vendors, risk, or access management, offers standalone value while seamlessly integrating with others. With simple workflows, the output of one module can effortlessly serve as input for another. 
User feedback 
“Compliance and Risk Management in Comprehensive package.””Best support team ever I found we needed lot of help in integration””Comprehensive and Very good security Feature””Tugboat Helpful Tool for Saving Time on Information Security Questions and SOC2 certification”
Critical: “A real disappointment since onetrust took over”“The main screen is so complex. There should be some examples such as image or pdf format as a reference.”“The auditor’s view is hidden and it is nice to see the tool from their perspective.”
“Easy mode Compliance””Drata support is fantastic””Drata’s platform makes compliance easier””An effective tool to assist with SOC2 compliance”
Critical: “Their platform was not honest about what it was doing until I called them on it.”“Slow to process integration requests or fixes”“Connection to background checks requires a lot of manual interaction
“We went from zero to ISO 27001 in weeks not years””Exceptional compliance solution with unmatched ease and support””Simple & highly automated security compliance platform””A Game-Changer in security compliances”
Critical: “Sometimes simple can be oversimplified.”“One possible area of improvement is to integrate a Chat GPT feature into a virtual assistant”“As a user there should some more tips on usage”

Pricing module 
Starts from $8,500. Can go up significantly based on factors like Number of employees, location of operation, number of frameworks selected, existing processes and tools, and contract term duration
Starting from $9,000 for one 1 framework. Can go up significantly based on factors mentioned for Secureframe. Starts from $4,000 for one 1 framework (10 – 50 employees). Each additional framework would cost $1,000 extra.

Round 3: Supported frameworks 

Secureframe Vanta Sprinto 
SOC 2 Type 1 and 2ISO 27001 / ISO 27701HIPAAGDPRCCPAPCI DSSNIST CSFNIST 800-53NIST 800-171NIST Privacy FrameworkCMMC 2.0Microsoft SSPAMVSPSOC 2ISO 27001:2022 ISO 27017ISO 27018 PCI DSSNIST CSFNIST 800-171 and 800-53FedRAM GDPR CCPA Microsoft SSPACustom frameworksSOC 2ISO 27001GDPRHIPAAPCI-DSSISO 27017FCRACISOFDSSNIST CSFNIST SP 800-53NIST SP 800-171PIPEDACCPACSA StarFedRAMPCustom frameworks

Round 4: Key Features

Secureframe VantaSprinto 
Secureframe AISecureframe APIEvidence CollectionRisk ManagementVendor ManagementSecurity TrainingTrust CenterQuestionnaire AutomationPersonnel ManagementCompliance MonitoringAnomaly DetectionCloud Gap AnalyticsMonitoring And AlertsSensitive Data CompliancePolicy EnforcementAuditingWorkflow ManagementCentralized Vendor CatalogUser Access ControlQuestionnaire Template PoliciesRisk assessmentRisk scoringCompliance MonitoringAnomaly DetectionData Loss PreventionCloud Gap AnalyticsPolicy Enforcement Audit readinessWorkflow ManagementAccess ControlVulnerability managementSensitive Data ComplianceData governance Vendor risk management People opsChange management Security questionnaireEvidence collectionMagic mapping Risk scoringCompliance zoningSmart alerting 

Round 5: Audit and evidence collection


Secureframe sufficiently meets compliance requirements by organizing everything needed for audit readiness. It significantly reduces the total time and overall manual required to prepare for an audit to automate a large chunk of the activities. The tool consolidates all evidence data and required policies into a single repository, catalyzing the certification process. 

Overall, Secureframe is a solid choice if your requirements are limited to managing about 1 to 2 annual audits. However, as you scale and feed more volumes of data, the tool’s responsiveness suffers. 


User sentiments for Vanta’s auditing and evidence collection are overwhelmingly positive. It prepares us well for suits, reduces anxiety related to audits, and navigates compliance processes with ease. The tool equips them with the tools, policies, controls, risk registers, and guidance required to gain certification, pass external audits, and maintain compliance status.

Some drawbacks highlighted include discrepancies between pricing estimates for partner options and quotes from audit firms. Some users raised concerns about the lack of transparency regarding the time required to complete audits, leading to unexpected challenges and confusion.


Sprinto’s evidence collection module continuously and comprehensively collects evidence in a clear and accessible repository. It tests controls efficiently to help users run and launch multiple audit programs. 

The tool is comprehensive enough to support complex requirements, manage higher workloads, and aggregate controls. Timely checks and in-depth risk reporting capabilities help users satisfy audit requirements with negligible manual effort. 

How Recruit CRM embraced compliance automation for seamless, multi-framework security audits

Round 6: Control Monitoring


Secureframe continuously monitors, assesses, and tracks compliance from a centralized dashboard. It automates and customizes control tests to help users meet a defined set of compliance criteria and evidence collection requirements. The tool also offers real-time monitoring capabilities to ensure continuous compliance with the chosen security framework. It also maps all common controls across different frameworks. 


Users appreciate Vanta’s continuous monitoring feature for maintaining, enforcing good security practices, and identifying risks. It improves visibility and increases accountability. The alerting features allow users to assign a different role for each monitoring activity. It scans infrastructure with high accuracy. 


Sprinto monitors controls in real-time to detect vulnerabilities and instances of non-compliance. The dashboard shows control health based on its status – failing, passing, critical, and due. It tests controls against a framework’s requirements using evidence collected from multiple systems. 

The tool works at a frequency you set and helps manage controls using intelligent workflow to automate controls that cannot be automated. 

Round 7: Risk Assessment


It helps to conduct risk assessments and reduce vendor-related risks in a structured manner. It shows the real-time status and progress to address a risk gap. It accurately identifies security risks, and the dashboard shows compliance risks in an insightful way. 

One drawback mentioned by users is that the risk questionnaire and risk classification and tagging feature are not fully automated. 


Vanta provides a comprehensive built-in risk management module, allowing teams to access the risk matrix to better understand their risk posture. It streamlines the risk register process and automates and simplifies risk identification, prioritization, and assessment across the environment. 

However, user feedback suggests that some users find the risk management module lacking in customization options and depth. 


Sprinto’s integrated risk assessment and management solution evaluates risk impact using trusted industry benchmarks. It automatically maps risks to compliance criteria and controls, builds a custom risk library using a pre-built catalog of risks, and scores risks based on their impact. A consolidated dashboard shows vital risk data, and detailed risk reports help understand the overall posture. 

Round 8: Integrations 


Secureframe integrates with 130+ applications across popular categories like cloud services, business suites, background checks, human resources, device management, developer tools, and task management. 

While its integration capabilities have enabled users to run compliance checks to meet audit requirements, some feedback suggests that integrating with large systems can be challenging and some integrations not function smoothly – necessitating manual efforts to upload evidence.  


Vanta covers a wide range of out-of-the-box integrations across categories such as CRM, cloud service vendors, database providers, HRIS, incident management systems, vulnerability scanners, and incident management systems. 

The only drawback mentioned by users is the limited customization capabilities in a few cases and the need for manual intervention in some integrations. 


Sprinto supports a wide range of integrations—about 200+ cloud applications and services—to help users build a true asset inventory. These responsive integrations help aggregate controls better and launch tests reliably. The result is high-fidelity evidence collection that sufficiently meets auditor requirements. 

Additionally, it adds context to all integrations – for example, you can use Jira to track change management and configure it to track access reviews. 

Round 9: Support 


Secureframe boasts a solid rating of 9.4/10 in G2. Users appreciate their responsiveness to guide them throughout the process. 


Vanta is appreciated by its customers for its dedication to help them with tailored guidance. It is rated 9.2/10 in G2.


From the initial onboarding phase through audits and beyond, Sprinto is committed to offering custom guidance at every step. The dedicated team of experts ensure that compliance processes feel straightforward and clear, eliminating complexity or confusion. Sprinto’s support begins from Day 1 and the team addresses over 95% of customer queries in under 10 minutes. It is rated 9.8/10 in G2

Rounding up

With that, we come to the end of the list. We hope this did not overwhelm you and helped you make a decision. While both solutions offer robust capabilities to ensure compliance and manage audit requirements, the “right tool” boils down to your specific business requirements. But if you’re looking at a well rounded solution, we recommend you try Sprinto. 

Sprinto truly empowers fast-growing businesses to accelerate and succeed through a whole host of automation and control monitoring features. We’d like to show you how it’s done—we promise it’ll be worth it. Talk to our compliance experts


How much is the price for Vanta?

Vanta offers a starting price of $7,500 for companies with 1–20 employees, similar to Secureframe. However, the pricing increases with the number of employees: $15,000 for 21–50 employees, $20,000 for 51–100 employees, and $25,000 for 101–200 employees.

Which is a better collusion, Vanta or Secureframe?

When comparing the two solutions, reviewers found Vanta to be more user-friendly. However, they perceived both products as equally easy to set up and administer. Overall, reviewers expressed a preference for doing business with Secureframe and believed that Secureframe better aligns with the needs of their business compared to Vanta. In terms of ongoing product support, reviewers favored Secureframe as the preferred option. For feature updates and roadmaps, our reviewers leaned towards Vanta’s direction over Secureframe.



Anwita is a cybersecurity enthusiast and veteran blogger all rolled into one. Her love for everything cybersecurity started her journey into the world compliance. With multiple certifications on cybersecurity under her belt, she aims to simplify complex security related topics for all audiences. She loves to read nonfiction, listen to progressive rock, and watches sitcoms on the weekends.

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