Best HIPAA Compliance Software in 2024



Aug 11, 2023

HIPAA compliance software

The healthcare industry has consistently been the top recipient of data breaches for the last 12 years. This fuels the necessity to implement stringent laws such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Entities that handle sensitive patient data can enforce the requirements of this law using a HIPAA compliance software. 

In this article, we discuss the features and benefits of various HIPAA compliance solutions that you can possibly need to securely conduct your healthcare business. 

What is HIPAA compliance software?

HIPAA compliance software helps healthcare organizations or health service providers stay compliant with its privacy and security rules. It works by implementing HIPAA guidelines to prevent breaches and unauthorized PHI disclosure.

10 Best HIPAA compliance software in 2023

Looking for the best HIPAA compliance automation software? Well, here’s what no one is telling you – there is no such thing as the best solution – it is pretty subjective and based on your needs.

You can go through the features and benefits of the most popular HIPAA compliance solution to find one tool that aligns with your requirements in the list below:

  • Sprinto
  • Updox
  • Weave
  • Paubox
  • OhMD
  • Spruce Health
  • Luma Health
  • LuxSci
  • Tiger Connect
  • Simple Practice

Sprinto – Compliance Automation

Sprinto is an all-in-one HIPAA compliance software that helps Business Associates stay and demonstrate compliance. It helps you eliminate risks by putting your compliance program on autopilot. 

Top features and benefits: 

Employee training: Helps you train employees to ensure a security-first approach. It conducts tests and documents evidence of completion. 

Role-based access: Enables users to set custom access rules based on designation to offer data minimalism – users can access data they need to carry out functions. 

Documentation: Automates the process of evidence collection and documentation to eliminate repeat, monotonous tasks. 

Risk monitoring: Consolidates risks and alerts users for potential issues even before they arise. Runs fully automated checks to ensure real-time compliance and flags off non-compliant actions. 

G2 Rating:4.8/5 (230 reviews)

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Updox – Communication

Updox is a complete, HIPAA-compliant healthcare communication platform. It helps physicians, pharmacists, and other medical service providers boost their efficiency while maintaining security. 

Updox’s single dashboard enables users to track and manage activities to eliminate manual, repeat tasks. Users also gain deep visibility through clear audit trails to strengthen team collaboration.

Top features and benefits:

Telehealth: Facilitates communication with patients via video calls and texting in a HIPAA compliant environment. Simplifies daily tasks like document management and in person care.

Patient engagement: Improves patient engagement with appointment reminders, broadcast campaigns, electronic forms, and patient portal. 

Enhance productivity: Simplifies document management by eliminating multiple systems. Improve workflow by assigning tasks to employees, reduce back and forth phone calls to boost communication, and add new products to create custom solutions. 

Patient repository: Collects patient data from EHRs and other databases and maintains the record in a centralized profile. Creates reports and tracks patients based on demographics, health issues, and psychographics. 

G2 Rating: 4.4/5 (84 reviews)

Weave – Customer Engagement

Weave helps small businesses streamline their end-to-end customer communication and engagement process. 

It offers a suite of tools to automate tasks, maintain schedules, quickly complete transactions, and collect patient reviews. 

Source: Weave

Top features and benefits: 

Customer engagement: Use pre-written email templates to promote offers, send newsletters, and keep customers updated. The contactless payment option facilitates easy transactions at any time and via any mode. 

Customer retention: Call pop helps to personalize the experience by showing details when customers call. View, manage, and confirm schedules by appointment type, data, customer name, and more.

Growth tools: Collects and monitors reviews to gain new customers, retain existing ones, and maintain brand image. Easily turn website visits into online appointments using the scheduling tool. Share appointment forms before visits to eliminate manual data entry. 

G2 Rating: 4.5/5 (151 reviews)

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Paubox – Email Security

Paubox is an end-to-end HIPAA compliant email solution for healthcare organizations. It encrypts all outbound and inbound emails, prevents data loss, and automates workflows. 

Users can secure their email from phishing attacks, ransomware, data breaches, spam, and more. 

Source: HIPAA software

Top features and benefits: 

Email encryption: Automatically encrypts every email using HITRUST CSF-certified standards and includes a signed BAA. Users can read mails without portals or passcodes on any device. 

Email security: Multi-layer security filters SPF records, domain validity, and other threats. Secures emails using MFA, blocks display name spoofing, quarantines mails from countries outside your geographic region, blocks mails from suspicious domains, and leverages algorithms to filter spams. 

Email API: View data in a third-party dashboard using webhooks and track results on the analytics dashboard. Personalize and customize email using dynamic templates and include PHI. 

G2 Rating: 4.9/5 (191 reviews)

OhMD – Communication

OhMD, a HIPAA compliant solution, facilitates easy and efficient communication between healthcare workers and patients. It is a HIPAA compliant platform. 

Top features and benefits: 

Communication tools: Delivers encrypted messages into patient apps without downloading any apps and allows patients to launch video visits with a single SMS link. 

Patient communication: Call patients from the OhMD platform, engage using live chat, and automate communication workflows. Broadcast messages to multiple patients at the same time. 

Manage reputation: Generate unique links to enable customer reviews on various social channels.  

Coordination: Share forms and images with colleagues and audit user conversations. 

G2 Rating: 4.9/5 (102 reviews)

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Spruce Health – Communication

Spruce Health is a HIPAA-compliant healthcare platform that facilitates calls, voice mails, text messages, fax, and telemedics from a centralized location. 

Source: Spruce Health

Top features and benefits: 

Easy access: Offers simplified access and connection via the clinic profile, secure text messaging, video visits and questionnaires, and after hour answering service for patients. 

Better efficiency: Automates manual tasks, saves common messages to boost productivity, triggers time based response, and leverages bulk messages to expand outreach. 

Enhanced coordination: Provides on-call coverage, task delegation to relevant departments, HIPAA compliant texting between colleagues, and private team discussions within patient conversations. 

Phone system: Ports into existing number, offers VoIP calling system, routes call to relevant place, enables HIPAA compliant storage for texts, and notifies for urgent calls only. 

G2 Rating: 4.8/5 (245 reviews)

Luma Health – Business Growth 

Luma Health is a patient success platform that streamlines operational, clinical, and financial tasks to attract and retain patients. 

Source: Luma Health

Top features and benefits: 

Patient scheduling: Schedules appointments based on the right time and provider using rule based EHR guide, provides custom reminders and shows real-time booking details. Smart waitlist matches patients to the correct appointment and fills in canceled slots with upcoming ones. 

Finance tools: Sends reminders to pay, collects payment from chat or forms. Real-time insurance eligibility reduces financial risks and streamlines workflow. Estimates at billing to provide billing transparency. 

Messaging system: Broadcast messages to multiple patients at a time, boost reputation by enabling patient reviews, and communicate in 20+ languages. 

Forms: View patient data from EHR, allows providers to view information ahead of time through mobile first patient intake, and provides health screening via secure messaging. Simplifies appointments by allowing patients to text on arrival and communicate with staff using mobile check-in. 

G2 Rating: 4.9/5 (5 reviews)

LuxSci – Email & Web Security 

LuxSci is a HIPAA compliant email and web security platform that helps organizations protect sensitive patient data. It offers agile encryption options and isolates sensitive data on the server to strengthen security. 

Top features and benefits: 

Web hosting: Secures data on cloud using dedicated server clusters, antivirus protection, access and audit reports, and alerts system in case of breaches. It secures FTP and MySQL service connections, supports SSL to transmit PHI, and includes multi level firewall protection. 

Secure form: Collect sensitive data using secure web forms that are compatible with PDF, any CMS, and custom coded pages.

Email protection: Secures emails using a configurable auto encryption engine and provides a dedicated server for better flexibility. Combines micro segmentation and dedicated firewalls to isolate and secure server configuration for each client. 

G2 Rating: 4.8/5 (64 reviews)

TigerConnect – Collaboration 

TigerConnect is a cloud based clinical collaboration platform. It helps clinics to streamline workflows, enhance decision making, and serve patients in a safe and secure way. 

Organizations can manage communication, schedule staff, engage patients, and manage emergencies using a centralized tool. 

Source: TigerConnect

Top features and benefits: 

Clinical collaboration: Offers HITRUST-certified texting and administrative tools, enables file sharing from the cloudeasy lookup and texting using the role directory, and shift wise calendar view. 

Physician scheduling: Automates scheduling based on time off, holidays, custom rules, and preferences. Fairly distributes assignments and simplifies creating or sharing on call assignments. 

Alarm management: Integrates with nurse call system, physiological monitor, lab results, and more to acquire alarms, events, and values. Configurable workflow notifies the right staff using an intelligent routing system. 

Resident scheduling: Use a scheduling software to simplify scheduling, reduce burnout with a fair rotation based schedule, and combine residents and physician calendars in a single tool. 

Patient engagement: Boost patient satisfaction by communication before, during, and after visit. Eliminate portal complexity encrypted SMS links share and receive updates or files. Patients can schedule appointments or discuss issues using a virtual lobby. 

G2 Rating: 4.3/5 (43 reviews)

SimplePractice – Business Management

SimplePractice is a practice management solution for small healthcare businesses. It helps users stay HIPAA compliant, engage with clients through video call, enable clients to schedule appointments, build custom websites, and manage sessions.

Protects data and network to protect PII and continuously runs security tests to protect against cross-site scripting.

Source: SimplePractice

Top features and benefits: 

Telehealth: Secure data and calls to stay HIPAA compliant, engage with clients through video call, enable clients to schedule appointments, and manage sessions.

Client portal: Offers a centralized platform to manage billing, appointments, and messaging. Securely documents client profiles on cloud. Deploy the client portal on any device. 

Insurance management: Track and manage claims from a centralized platform, use ERAs to automate insurance accounting, and automatically add client data to claims. Modify claims based on client profile and easily create batch claims. 

Scheduling: Easily manage online appointments, handle a couple of clients using joining profiles, and sync calendars to stay updated. 

Billing: Automate payment tracking and receiving, secure card data with bank-level security, facilitate payment from the client portal, and easily create billing documents. 

G2 Rating: 3.9/5 (83 reviews)

Why you need HIPAA compliance software?

Like every regulation, HIPAA guidelines are stringent and rigorous – making its implementation especially complex. While HIPAA compliance vendors can help you get compliant, humans make errors, and a small security gap can cost you financial loss and reputation damage. 

HIPAA compliance automation software fills this gap to help you get and stay compliant. It automates compliance actionable, implements robust security posture throughout your infrastructure, monitors for breaches, and notifies users when a requirement is not met. 

Check out how Neurosynaptic breezed through HIPAA certification while also preparing for ISO 27001 with Sprinto.

Ideally, your HIPAA compliance software should include these features:

  • Evaluate risks posed to your data
  • Secure ePHI on servers
  • Encrypt data in transit
  • Provide data backup and recovery facility
  • Implement role-based access

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Does software need to be HIPAA compliant?

If the software stores, maintains, processes, or transmits sensitive patient data, it should have security features that help its users comply with HIPAA requirements

What is the cost of HIPAA compliance software?

The cost of your HIPAA solution depends on the features you choose, package type, and vendor. It can cost you anything between $1000 to $2000 a month. 

Which is the best HIPAA compliance software and how can I choose one?

The best HIPAA solution is the one that fits your needs. Some popular feature-rich HIPAA compliance tools are Sprinto, Paubox, and OhMD. These tips can help you choose one: 

  • Analyze your gaps and requirements. 
  • List your budget and the most important features that can fill your gaps.
  • Use this list or search for a list of software 
  • Make a note of the features and functionalities of each.
  • Compare and contact each HIPAA compliance software vendor for a demo. 
  • You are ready to choose the best software for your business!


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