7 Best security compliance software



Mar 01, 2024

7 Best security compliance software

Every business strives to portray a strong security posture with a significant amount of effort going into making clients feel secure. Customers are more likely to consider a company that takes cybersecurity seriously. And this appeals to both new and returning clients. 

One of the aspects that helps companies achieve this level of comfort and assurance is regulatory compliance. However, doing this is a time and resource-consuming process that can take months or even years.

And this is precisely where compliance software comes in handy. In this blog, we take a look at what compliance software is, along with the curated list of the 10 best security compliance software that you can choose from based on your requirements.

What is security compliance software?

Security compliance software is a solution that assists businesses in demonstrating their adherence to cyber security frameworks to pass security audits. These tools help compliance or information security teams assess and manage their security procedures from end-to-end.

Security compliance software makes it possible for businesses to track, manage, and report compliance-related operations more effectively. Businesses can save time and money by automating compliance processes, tracking organizational compliance status in real-time, and prioritizing tasks to gain a quick and smooth compliance journey.

What makes a security compliance solution important?

Security compliance solutions are tools used by organizations to make the process of adhering to various regulatory standards and requirements much simpler and better. In this regard, they offer a central location from where the operations of security controls can be monitored and implemented, hence ensuring that vulnerabilities or potential risks are dealt with before happening. The main benefit is that it greatly reduces time spent preparing for audits.

The following are some of the benefits associated with using security compliance software:

Automates compliance tasks

Compliance automation helps eliminate repetitive tasks involved in ensuring that an organization is compliant with the set rules and regulations. Security compliance software automates critical activities like access control monitoring, evidence collection, and completion of training courses as well. Moreover, automated compliance measures enable organizations to track useful key performance indicators (KPIs). These KPI’s may include mean time to issue discovery or compliance expense per issue which give insights on how efficient and effective their processes are.

Manage and minimize risk

In order to identify and mitigate risks that might occur in future, security compliance software plays a key role in enhancing risk management. It offers support for process gaps and procedural discrepancies, a proactive approach to risk mitigation. The software is specifically designed to manage and monitor incident or violation resolution processes, ensuring the swift implementation of security measures to minimize the impact of incidents and mitigate their recurrence.

Better collaboration

Security compliance software fosters seamless collaboration across teams, breaking down traditionally siloed work and enhancing communication. The platform provides a centralized space for stakeholders to share information, updates, and insights, promoting a collaborative environment. This improved collaboration ensures that all relevant parties are on the same page, facilitating efficient decision-making and proactive risk management.

Top 7 security compliance software

With so many options available, choosing the best security compliance software can be an arduous task. Here we have curated a list of the top 7 security compliance software for you to choose from:

1. Sprinto

Sprinto is an end-to-end security compliance automation software that streamlines compliance tasks and reporting and enables effective risk management and mitigation, evidence gathering, and compliance reporting. 

The software integrates easily with your existing tech stack, connecting you with different applications and endpoint devices to monitor entity-level risks and controls. This provides complete visibility into your security and compliance posture and helps you design comprehensive risk and compliance reports. It provides real-time control monitoring and alerts the organization when security threats occur or if controls are about to fail.

With pre-approved compliance programs, automated workflows, control mapping training modules, and an audit dashboard, Sprinto helps you put your compliance program on auto-pilot and serves as your one-stop security compliance software.


  • Intuitive interface: Seamless integration with any cloud setup and easily navigable features.
  • Event and incident management: Features for effective incident response and automated evidence-logging.
  • Continuous control monitoring: Ensures that all internal security controls are monitored to maintain compliance.
  • Comprehensive dashboard: Real-time, interactive dashboard for informed decision-making
  • Compliance reporting: Out-of-the-box templates to generate comprehensive compliance and trust reports
  • Employee training: Built-in training modules for employees, conduct tests, and document evidence of completion. 


  • Complete compliance automation platform with excellent user interface.
  • Provides real-time risk scoring
  • Uses a centralized dashboard to provide pre-built custom reports
  • Excellent support team for improved customer experience
  • Provides evidence gathering and data analytics for audit readiness
  • Allows for the creation, modification, and termination of user access privileges


  • Not suggested for businesses that operate on-premise.

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2. LogicGate

To support security compliance frameworks, LogicGate centralizes data on audit, policy, and risk. It offers risk quantification, control evaluations, audit preparation, and reporting to assist organizations in making more informed decisions. LogicGate provides comprehensive reporting, engaging graphics, predictive risk rating, and automation.


  • An integrated risk register for teamwork
  • Pre-built dashboards and reports that can be customized
  • Risk monitoring and insights in real-time
  • Procedures for automated compliance
  • Automated log management and evidence gathering


  • Create custom forms without coding
  • Effective reporting features
  • Easy record-keeping and documentation


  • No global search function to find information
  • Doesn’t provide a sandbox mode to test changes

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3. Vanta

Vanta is a security compliance software that offers APIs, always-on certifications, and continuous compliance monitoring. Vanta allows you to utilize your own custom controls or use pre-built ones across one or more frameworks. It offers evidence gathering, audit preparation, and tracking. Vanta offers real-time status dashboards, automatic reminders for due and failing controls, and integration capabilities with your systems and apps to help you comply with regulatory requirements. 


  • Continuous automated risk monitoring
  • Real-time notifications and useful information
  • Adaptable policy template formats
  • Cloud gap analytics
  • Data loss prevention


  • Interface to automate testing
  • Automates user access reviews
  • Detect, evaluate, and prioritize possible risks in the risk register process
  • Central location for current security policies, practices, and controls


  • Unreliable monitoring (Remediated vulnerabilities sometimes reappear).
  • It might be difficult at times to maintain policies using this tool.

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4. Drata

Drata is another security compliance tool that provides ongoing monitoring, evidence gathering, and audit preparedness for many widely used compliance frameworks. It has control libraries, automatic mapping, limitless evaluation modification options, and real-time preparedness visibility.


  • Built-in self-risk evaluations 
  • Role-based access controls
  • Real-time information on compliance and security 
  • Actionable analytics and insights
  • Employee awareness and security training courses


  • Reuse controls for other frameworks
  • Libraries of proprietary controls across several frameworks
  • Customized guidelines and controls for compliance in different workspaces
  • Offers training modules


  • Difficult to integrate with other security and compliance tools
  • Some issues with evidence collection feature

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5. AuditBoard

AuditBoard collects and organizes audit, risk, and compliance data for easier reporting and monitoring. It enhances insight into security weaknesses and compliance status through interactive dashboards and reporting. AuditBoard automates the scheduling of repetitive requests and assessments, allowing you to construct an effective compliance program.


  • Workflows that may be customized to automate routine compliance duties
  • Tools for collaboration to manage compliance and communicate efficiently
  • Comprehensive audit-friendly reporting
  • Customizable modules for risk assessment


  • Implements a scoring methodology for survey results
  • Ability to send questionnaires to vendors based on criticality or risk level
  • Customizable compliance policy templates
  • Automated data gathering for external audits


  • Restricted risk management capabilities
  • Can’t use labels instead of unique ID’s for bulk upload

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6. Hyperproof

Hyperproof is a security compliance software that streamlines the production, review, and submission of reports. It facilitates collaborative processes for security and report assessments and centralizes the collection of evidence. Hyperproof offers integrations, version control, permissions management, and reminders.


  • Integrated reporting modules
  • One spot for managing documents
  • 24-7 monitoring of compliance 
  • Automated workflows and modules that can be customized for effective compliance management
  • Monitoring compliance actions in real-time


  • Audit scoping
  • Features for smart risk assessment
  • Audit evidence management
  • Track variations in implementing common controls


  • Restricted customization functionality

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7. Netwrix

Netwrix is a security compliance automation solution that assists organizations in detecting risk, demonstrating compliance, and optimizing security operations. It offers automatic, continuous monitoring, risk-based reporting on data access, and infrastructure modifications to make compliance simpler. It provides role-based access restrictions, configurable reports, interactive dashboards, and API interfaces.


  • AI-powered search function to find particular security data
  • Features for access management
  • Identification of risk patterns through risk assessment and analysis
  • Alerts and real-time compliance risk monitoring
  • Better logging and reporting


  • Real-time risk notifications and monitoring
  • Periodic report generation
  • Enhanced evidence-logging methods
  • Options for customization to make compliance easier


  • Subpar incident management module
  • Limited navigation on the user interface

How to select the right security compliance software

It’s critical to select the best security compliance software for your company. You can choose the best software for your requirements by asking the proper questions.

  • Does the program provide pre-configured reports for the industry standards and compliance frameworks that your business adheres to, including SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA, NIST, and others?
  • How are new laws and system modifications handled? Is the tool often updated to reflect evolving compliance requirements?
  • Does the supplier assist with compliance audits? Do they propose auditors to verify your compliance situation, or do they offer audit services?
  • Does it work effectively with the systems you already have? Does it effortlessly interface with HR applications, ERPs, etc., to make data collection simple?
  • Is it simple to use and train workers on the compliance software solution? Is the user interface simple to use?
  • What kind of assistance is provided by the service provider? Is there considerable training available and customer care available 24/7?
  • What are the costs and pricing structures? Does it provide usage-based pricing, a one-time purchase option, or a subscription model?

Final thoughts

Staying on top of compliance demands is a crucial aspect of running a business, but it may be difficult to ensure that all of your employees, procedures, and policies adhere to the countless rules and specifications of different frameworks. 

With the correct security compliance software, you can automate all of your company’s security procedures and ensure that it complies with all regulations with the simple click of a mouse. 

Sprinto helps you build a strong security posture throughout your infrastructure by automating compliance workflows, monitoring for breaches, and warning stakeholders when a requirement is not satisfied. Adopting a platform like Sprinto can help you achieve and maintain compliance in record time by centralizing compliance data, and creating detailed reports.

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What are the three security services?

Confidentiality (protecting data privacy), Integrity (ensuring data accuracy), and Availability (ensuring data and systems are constantly available) are the three essential security services, together known as the CIA Triad.

Do small firms have a use for compliance software?

Yes, there are solutions for compliance software, such as Sprinto, that are suitable for small firms’ demands and financial constraints. Without using a lot of resources, these technologies can assist in streamlining compliance processes while improving the security posture.

Can compliance software help with internal rules and regulations?

Yes, in order to match internal security policies and procedures with external requirements, organizations can develop and enforce them using numerous compliance software solutions.



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