The Drata Alternative For Busy CTOs

Get busy winning deals, not with compliance

Sprinto is built to accommodate your individual risk appetite using entity-level monitoring, –  reducing the lift for your 1st certification. Sprinto connects to your cloud stack, pulls data, and gives you a “unique to you” compliance roadmap, equipping you to scale security & compliance with 100% confidence

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Supported frameworks

“Tailor-made for cloud companies and startups. We got our Type 1 SOC2 certificate within 45 days.”

Aravind Murthy

Founder & CTO at

Sprinto adapts to your business realities

Sprinto implements the right security measures for each ‘Entity’ within your organization, giving you more flexibility and racing you to the finish line.

Built to scale with you, ready to deliver at all times

✅ Focused on protecting entities that store and process data and are prone to security risks

✅ Contextual implementation of security measures tailored for each entity with continuous monitoring

✅ We do it with you. Get dedicated customer support at every step and zero auditor engagement

✅ Add new frameworks by reusing existing work and accelerate turnaround time by 80%

Successful compliance looks different for every SaaS

Sprinto checks off all tasks that can be automated and creates a compliance roadmap that’s relevant to you. Automate evidence gathering, clear issues you don’t need to worry about and remove auditors from the process, with Sprinto.

Automated compliance

Sprinto identifies which compliance elements are specific to you, removing those which are not and automating the rest.

FREE: Get audit-ready in
10 days

Get up to 10 onboarding sessions for free. Set up for success, fill the gaps on challenges you didn’t expect and get ready to pass your audit.

100% compliance coverage

Store and track all evidence — even if it’s not automatically collected by Sprinto — for upcoming audits and continuous compliance efforts.

Drata vs Sprinto

8 ways Sprinto adapts compliance to you

Create a single source of truth for compliance

Other compliance automation tools don’t allow you to track evidence they can’t monitor.
But Sprinto does. Add monitored and unmonitored evidence and track all your compliance efforts in a single place.

Drastically reduce auditing time

Instead of following a rigid standard, Sprinto presents data based on auditor’s requirements. Show auditors exactly what they want to see and complete audits in hours instead of weeks.

Track (and revoke) who has access to your systems

Instead of following a rigid standard, Sprinto presents data based on auditor’s requirements. Show auditors exactly what they want to see and complete audits in hours instead of weeks.

Know something is at risk before it becomes critical

Sprinto’s tiered escalations highlight potential problems, giving you time to resolve issues before they jeopardize your compliance efforts.

Highlight and explain edge cases

Compliance is full of gray areas. If you can’t meet a requirement for a business-specific reason, Sprinto allows you to note this as a special case.

Spread the little work that’s left with your team

Even if compliance responsibility lies with you, the workload doesn’t have to. Sprinto automates most of the work, then allows you to assign tasks to team members and monitor their progress.

Pass your audits on the first go

Sprinto delivers the information your auditor needs, the way they’re used to seeing it. Say goodbye to endless emails asking for clarification and extra details.

Save hours of effort — Sprinto writes your system description

A common system description doc is 20 pages or more and takes tens of hours to draft. As a busy CTO, you don’t have time to spare. Sprinto drafts your system description for you and gives you full editing control if you need to make changes.

“Sprinto has become our ‘Compliance Department’. I check their dashboard once a week to ensure there aren’t any new alerts I need to solve. It really solidified our process.”

Shawn Schultz

VP of Technology at SABX

Sprinto gives busy CTOs their time back

Compliance removes you from your zone of genius in an endless loop. Sprinto gives you peace of mind that you’re on top of your compliance responsibilities while freeing up hours of your time.

Find out why Sprinto is better

10 free sessions to get you audit-ready, included with your Sprinto plan

We’ve designed a 10-day, one-on-one onboarding schedule to guide you through every stage. From collecting evidence to managing compliance tasks and delegating to drafting your reports and getting approval from your auditor.

“The team at Sprinto was amazing – from walking us through what to expect to guide us at every step – they know this process inside out.”

Apoorva Verma

Co-founder & COO at Rattle

“Sprinto has a team that meets with you each day to review the next steps. You’re only biting-off a small portion of work each day – over a 10-day time frame. At the end you have all evidence gathered and can start your SOC 2 Audit.”

Shawn Schultz

VP of Technology at SABX

“They gave us full visibility of the entire process & made sure we didn’t miss anything.”

Apoorv Singh

CEO at Elevate

With Sprinto, you get a compliance expert on call

Our team is ready to answer any question and give you confidence you’re on the right track. We’re there when you need us, with global, 18-hour customer support coverage.

We’ll hold your hand as you switch from Drata

Prepare for your audit with our 10-day onboarding program. Your dedicated Sprinto customer success manager is ready to take you through your compliance journey, step by step.

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“They made the whole process super transparent, and very efficient. I don’t think we could’ve managed to complete our compliance so easily and in such a short time had it not been for Sprinto.”

Apoorva Verma

Co-founder & COO at Rattle

Drata vs Sprinto

Frequently Asked Questions

Sprinto supports a wide range of integrations that you use as a cloud-based SAAS company, including GSuite, Okta, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and more. See our full list of integrations here.

Traditionally, it can take months to collect evidence needed from the SOC 2 observation period, and catalog it to match your auditor’s requirements. Sprinto’s adaptive automations, custom auditor dashboards and evidence gathering functionality reduce human time spent on these tasks to under 10 hours, saving valuable CTO and engineering effort.

Sprinto’s tiered escalations show you, in advance of your audit, where you’re not meeting the required benchmark. This allows you to make any necessary changes before a failure is ever reached.

Adaptive automations alongside continuous monitoring mean you can rest easy knowing that every element of the compliance framework that relates to your business is being included, reducing the risk of non compliance and failing your audit.

Sprinto helps to keep your company compliant in more frameworks than Drata, providing 100% support for:

More supported frameworks coming soon:
CSA Star

Sprinto starts at $7,499/year. Save more than $2,500 per year when you choose Sprinto.

Sprinto partners with selected audit firms that have training on our platform. We’ve created customized auditor dashboards so they can receive information and audit reports from you in the way they need to see them. This eliminates time-wasting back & forth and speeds up your audit process. Some auditors offer preferential prices to Sprinto users based on these time savings.

Sprinto’s compliance management platform is also a great document management solution. Collect evidence, share data, and keep everything in one place so it’s easy for you, and your auditor, to find things when needed.