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Srividhya Karthik

Srividhya Karthik

Dec 23, 2022

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The G2 Winter Reports for 2023 are out, and we’re thrilled to announce that Sprinto has emerged as the Security Compliance Leader!

Sprinto won 11 badges and has broken records as the leader in Security Compliance, Cloud Security, and Cloud Compliance for the third consecutive quarter! Sprinto was also recognized as the ‘Most Implementable Software’ in the Security Compliance and Cloud Compliance categories. 

As a compliance automation software with a singular focus to make security compliance effortless and error-free, we couldn’t be happier than seeing our customers up their security game and get compliant using Sprinto. 

So, here’s a heartfelt shoutout to our customers for their continued love and support. None of this would have been possible without you. 

G2: The leading platform for product and customer reviews

In the hashtag-centric world of marketing gimmicks and one-upmanship, G2 reviews are exactly what they are cracked up to be – straight-from-the-gut reviews of your software from verified users! 

G2 is the world’s leading review website for software solutions. So, if you aren’t listed in the G2 marketplace or aren’t making much headway in getting customer reviews, you are missing out on a leveraging opportunity. 

Here’s how Sprinto cracked G2, and you can too

Here’s a list of what we did, what worked for us and how we navigated the G2 marketplace.

Pick the right categories to get listed

At a broader level, G2 divvies up all software and services into categories such as security compliance software, sales enablement, and business intelligence, to name a few. Each category is backed by different grids, indices, reports, and ratings. 

You can choose one or more categories based on what your software(s) comes under. Look up the categories your top three competitors fall under to get a perspective. G2 also uses a proprietary process that analyzes the reviews to place businesses into categories that might also be relevant.

ProTip: Don’t spread yourself thin by picking all the categories that your software falls into. The trick here is to pick only a handful of categories and focus on improving your ratings against them.

Adopt a targeted approach

We set internal targets for our G2 reviews – added them to our OKRs, and took the entire exercise seriously. G2 places higher weights on recent reviews. 

ProTip: To ensure their recency, adopt a number-driven approach so that you have a regular inflow of reviews every month. 

Time your review requests to customers

No matter how good your software is, your customers do need a little nudge now and then. The trick, however, is in knowing when that nudge would work! We approached our customers right after they had experienced the full benefits of automating their compliance using Sprinto i.e. when they received their compliance certifications and attestations! More often than not, they all converted into credible and honest reviews.

ProTip: Reach out at the highest point of customer engagement, not during or after a fire is doused

Personalize the entire experience 

We didn’t send general emailers to our customers from a standard mail ID requesting G2 reviews, the likes of which we all have received at some point. We adopted the long-winded but personalized approach to review collection. 

We ensured that our customers were only approached (for a review) by the Sprinto CX expert who worked extensively with them in their compliance journey. And every successful review was cheered on by the rest of us at Sprinto.

ProTip: People buy from people. First, build trust and then leverage it. 

Keep it simple

We helped the customers navigate the G2 review maze with simple steps on how to go about it. Conversations around the G2 steps were always followed by an email reiterating the same. So, when customers landed on the review page, they knew their way around it and could review Sprinto honestly. 

Another conscious decision that worked for us was to keep the reviews majorly organic. While we did incentivize our users to leave reviews, we leaned more on organic reviews to reflect more credibility and brand trust.

ProTip: Reviews should be authentic. Enable users to write one; don’t write it for them.

Repeat it all over again

Much like compliance, G2 reviews aren’t your ‘one and done’ process. You have to keep at it. These reviews are your ears to the ground and a great way to get first-hand product feedback from customers. 

How did we use the G2 reviews?

  • Feedforward for the product team on feature requests & improvement ideas
  • Identify focus areas to fine-tune sales conversations
  • Use reviews as social proof in campaigns

ProTip: Don’t stop with small wins. Capture the learnings and distribute them to relevant teams. 

Srividhya Karthik

Srividhya Karthik

Srividhya Karthik, is a Content Lead at Sprinto, she artfully transforms the complex world of compliance into accessible and intriguing reads. Srividhya has half a decade of experience under her belt in the compliance world across frameworks such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, GDPR and more. She is a formidable authority in the domain and guides readers with expertise and clarity.

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