Sprinto raises $20Mn in Series B

Girish Redekar

Girish Redekar

Apr 09, 2024

I am excited to share that Sprinto has raised $20Mn in Series B funding from Accel, Elevation Capital, and Blume Ventures.

This new injection of funds will ramp up our momentum, transforming Sprinto into a powerhouse of value, teeming with intelligent automation and AI capabilities. These new changes will empower businesses to navigate risk and compliance with absolute clarity, control, and above all, confidence.

We are, at once, extremely humbled and immensely proud to support thousands of businesses—from young, enterprising startups to mature businesses—in seeding, streamlining, and scaling one of the most complex yet critical aspects of any successful business: trust.

Sprinto was conceived and engineered with the mission of empowering businesses to prioritize risk management, comply with various security standards, and build trust with confidence.

Given the explosion of interest in cyber security, risk management, and compliant operations, especially from third and fourth parties who increasingly hesitate to engage in business without validating security and data privacy practices, it is more important than ever for businesses to think about how they can build and embed proactive risk management and compliant operating practices that help ensure and prove the highest standard of security. We are committed to eliminating such friction from business engagements by revolutionizing the way trust is built and made tangible.

With this new round of funding, we will double down on our R&D efforts, with a sharp focus on AI and intelligent automation. We will enrich core risk and compliance modules with these cutting-edge capabilities, especially in third-party risk management and internal risk management, and transform them into standalone products.

Compliance serves as a way of seeding good behaviors that help maintain security while ensuring high operating standards, high service levels, and risks under control. I’ve seen how CEOs are now increasingly engaged in risk and compliance-related projects, transitioning from viewing it solely as a monitoring and reporting mechanism for regulators to recognizing its potential as a driver of growth. Trust is the currency of any business transaction. Removing barriers to establishing trust can hyper-accelerate the GDP growth of B2B commerce. We are working tirelessly on this mission and are excited to share more soon about the latest innovations at Sprinto.

If you are looking to streamline risk and compliance management, go the extra mile and add momentum with Sprinto. Sign up to talk to our security, risk, and compliance experts and learn how Sprinto can help you achieve your risk, compliance, and audit goals.

And if you are someone who may want to join one of the fastest-growing companies in the risk and compliance space and help us better achieve our mission, please visit our careers page—we are just getting started!

Girish Redekar

Girish Redekar

Girish Redekar is the CEO & Co-Founder at Sprinto.com. Before Sprinto, he built and bootstrapped RecruiterBox from a mere idea to a thriving business with 2500+ customers and a spirited team of 50+ across the US and India!

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