RSA Conference 2024: Explore #TheArtOfPossible



Apr 20, 2024

RSA Conference

Welcome to RSAC 2024: Meet the who’s who in Cybersecurity

RSA 2024 has become the focal point of the cybersecurity calendar, where the brightest minds in security gather to learn, forge connections, discuss cyber threats, and advance business. Whether a first-time attendee or a veteran of these RSA security events, you can derive value from the sessions and the community. This blog attempts to give you a lay of the land and what you can expect.

RSA Conference 2024 will be held from May 6th – May 9th  at Moscone Center, San Francisco. To maximize your RSA experience, join Sprinto and attend our specially curated networking events (RSVP below), to meet our team. 

Check out last year’s highlights here! 

The theme for RSA Conference 2024: #TheArtOfPossible

With the evolution of Generative AI and an increasingly complex threat landscape made possible by AI agents and endless leverage, the community discussion will revolve around staying ahead of threats and going beyond the ones and zeroes. RSA Conference 2024, the premier cyber security conference worldwide, has created opportunities to engage with and learn from fellow cybersecurity experts, leaders, business owners, and security pros to foster a community working together toward a resilient and adaptable ecosystem that believes in #TheArtOfPossible.

Get the most out of RSA Conference 2024: Attend Sprinto’s fun mixers.

This year at RSA 2024, Sprinto is pulling out all the stops to give the cybersecurity community an enriching experience. RSVP for our luncheons, networking opportunities, games, panel discussions, and more to receive updates.

7th May – Byte and Bite RSA Luncheon Day 1

RSA Conference

Sprinto and Johannson Group are stoked to host Cybersecurity leaders for a networking luncheon at Black Hammer Brewing Company! There will be no PPTs or sales pitches—just good old-fashioned conversation over food and some brew!


Black Hammer Brewing Company


544 Bryant St, San Francisco, CA 94107, United States


7th May – Cyber Shuffle: An RSA Happy Hour!

RSA Conference 2024

Grab some grub and drinks with fellow security leaders at the Executive Order Lounge on Day 1 of the BIGGEST Security Conference in the country! 

We’ve got some fun casino games planned to get the conversation flowing, including specially curated Roulette, Texas Hold ‘Em, and Blackjack experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just looking for a fun way to mix and mingle, there’s a spot for everyone at our gaming tables.


Executive Order Bar and Lounge


868 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103, United States


8th May- Byte and Bite RSA Luncheon Day 2


Join Sprinto and CloudEagle for a no-agenda mixer where we create a community of friends that lasts beyond the conference. Share your hobbies, business journeys, quirks, pet peeves, and more over some good grub at Black Hammer Brewing Company! Strictly no PPTs allowed. 


Black Hammer Brewing Company


544 Bryant St, San Francisco, CA 94107, United States


9th May- Bay Area Founders Mixer

RSA Conference

​Founders are welcome to join Sprinto and e-Cap Labs at the Mountain View Mixer and Mayhem on April 9th! Exchange notes with founders on building startups, fostering a good employee culture, and making the journey from startup to scale-up!

Bring in the night with some drinks, light bites, and insightful conversations with founders who have been there and have done that.


Steins Beer Garden & Restaurant


895 Villa St, Mountain View, CA 94041, United States


Event keynotes we’re looking forward to!

Redefining security in the age of AI: 

In an era of increasingly sophisticated attacks across networks, AI can hold the key to unlocking security capabilities that were previously out of reach. This session aims to explore the prevailing cybersecurity research and discuss the advancements.


Tom Gillis 

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Security, Cisco

Jeetu Patel 

Executive Vice President and General Manager, Security and Collaboration, Cisco

CISO Confidential: What separates the best from the rest

The best CISOs deliver value across business units, beyond being risk managers and tech experts, they go above and beyond to build a culture of resilience and revenue impact. This session explores what makes them tick and their approach to cybersecurity, productivity tools, automation, and more.


Brian Palma

Chief Executive Officer, Trellix

Harold Rivas

Chief Information Security Officer, Trellix

In the Age of AI, Everything is the Art of Possible

A glimpse into what creative possibilities open up with AI. A guided walkthrough of artists who use AI as a tool to experiment for art and business. Designed to help us rethink our relationship with tech. 


Eileen Isagon Sykers

Art & Code Mentor, NEW INC

Exploring the Universe, Quantum Bit by Quantum Bit

This session explores cosmology, quantum physics, general relativity, and more. Are we in a simulation, or is the world a large quantum computer? It promises to be a gripping one. 


Brian Cox

Experimental Physicist

Closing Celebration with Alicia Keys

Catch the stunning, talented, and inspiring Alicia Keys live in concert. The singer and pianist known for hits such as Empire State of Mind, Girl On Fire, Fallin will be the star attraction of the RSAC closing ceremony. 


Alicia Keys

See you there!

RSA Conference 2023

If you are attending the RSA Conference 2024, RSVP to our events or follow us on LinkedIn to continue the conversation. Sprinto replaces the slow, laborious, and error-prone way of obtaining security compliances like SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, and more with a swift, hassle-free, and tech-enabled experience. If you are on a growth journey and need your next compliance fast, our team can help.

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