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ISO 27001 Security Awareness Training

ISO 27001 Security Awareness Training is crucial to the overall ISO 27001 security objective. According to the framework, all company employees, whether contractors or freelancers, should receive awareness education and training along with regular updates in organization policies and procedures. Again, it also depends on the job function.

Usually, security awareness training is given to your company stakeholders, board of directors, employees, and anyone directly involved with the organization’s operations. This educates the personnel involved on security risks, breaches, threats, incidents, etc., and provides the best practices for security management.

Some key elements involved in ISO 27001 Security Awareness and Training are:

  • Educating on cyber threats and risks
  • Training on the best practices to maintain a good security posture
  • Providing knowledge on phishing and manipulation by spam messages and emails.
  • Ways and tips to enhance data protection by employees
  • Consistent learning to keep up with best practices of industry standards of security
  • Instructing the employees to follow and maintain adherence to compliance regulations rigorously

The security awareness training ensures your organization follows a security-first approach in your workspace to reduce human-based errors.

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