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Continuous Security Monitoring

Continuous security monitoring is when you, as a company, monitor your IT systems and networks using automation constantly. Basically, you need to get reports on the security of your system in real-time. This helps you detect security threats, measure dips in control- efficiency, and isolate instances where your internal organizational rules are not abided by. The main aim is to detect and repair any possible problems or threats as they occur.

Continuous monitoring solutions offer up-to-the-minute details regarding your company’s security status, and they are:

  • Keep tabs on all your organization’s systems and even those used by your vendors
  • Staying updated about any possible threats and ongoing sneaky activities
  • Gathering, connecting, and making sense of all the security-related data
  • Checking if your security measures are doing their job effectively
  • Letting everyone in your organization know how secure things are right now
  • Taking charge of risks through careful organizational supervision
  • Bringing together info security and risk management frameworks for a solid defense

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