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ISO 27001 Risk Treatment Plan

ISO 27001 risk treatment plan is a component of the overall ISO 27001 framework that deals with your business’s treatment and implementation of plans regarding identified security risks.

This risk treatment plan is crucial for your organization as it allows you to devise ways to mitigate any potential risk and reduce downtime, financial losses, etc. It includes an organized recovery plan to overcome breach instances.

Here is how the risk treatment plan goes: 

  • Identify the type and gravity of the risk
  • Sort out the various impacts of risk in terms of severity and potential damage
  • Make decisions regarding what risks are worth accepting and dispose of unnecessary risks
  • Come up with risk treatment strategies for every aspect of the risk against the ISO 27001 standard
  • Assess the impact of the residual risks after applying respective controls and discard impractical risks
  • Assign the implementation of risk to respective teams and personnel that could best help mitigate it effectively
  • Continuous monitoring of the risk in several stages
  • Documenting the risk treatment to assist in times of future risks

Hence, a risk treatment plan helps you dispose of potential risks and prevent future security risks.

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