PCI-DSS compliance, made easy

Achieve PCI-DSS compliance and maintain it for good

Use Sprinto to centrally map all PCI-DSS controls and continuously monitor compliance. Sprinto ensures you successfully pass quarterly scans and audits, year after year.

PCI-DSS program

Vetted PCI vulnerability
scanning vendors

Qualified QSA and ROC auditor network

Rightly scoped = Rightly done

Compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) requires merchants, payment service providers, and vendors to implement PCI security requirements to everything – people, processes, technology – that connects to and interacts with the cardholder data environment. However, figuring out which PCI requirements apply to your business and how you must act on them can seem daunting. Sprinto simplifies PCI-DSS compliance for all, through and through.

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Sprinto Advantage

Define PCI scope and liabilities

Underscoring people, processes, and technology components that connect to the cardholder data environment – directly and indirectly.


Session-based expert guidance on various aspects of PCI-DSS – start to finish.

Analyze security risks

Identifying security gaps in the cardholder environment, pinpointing threats, and mapping technical and tactical measures to minimize each threat.


Integrated risk assessment module for an in-depth, formal risk assessment as per PCI-DSS 4.0 requirements

Protect cardholder environment

Applying technical and tactical measures to reduce and prevent security threats, and limit the blast radius in the event of an incident.


100+ integrations to pull risk information and ready-to-implement controls and checks to secure the cardholder environment perimeter. Supported by policy drafts and training modules.

Monitor compliance with PCI standards

Continuously monitor and manage security controls around the cardholder environment to ensure control and safe operations – at all times.


Air-tight workflows and automated alerts to ensure continuous compliance.

Additional benefit: Makes it easy for a QSA to issue PCI Report on Compliance (RoC), if applicable.

Carry out quarterly vulnerability scans

Carry out an internal and external PCI DSS vulnerability scan of network components and servers to identify vulnerabilities. Must be done four times a year.


Work with vetted QSAs, ASV, and VAPT partners to meet mandatory quarterly scan requirements. Use Sprinto to manage risk remediation and check compliance.

Fill out the right SAQ

Fill out 1 of 9 Security Assessment Questionnaires (SAQ) based on how you process card cardholder information.


Collaborate with Sprinto experts to complete your SAQ obligations.

Get PCI Attestation of Compliance (AoC)

Get a PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) to review and attest your SAQ

Note: Attestation, while not mandatory, is helpful.

Work with a QSA through Sprinto’s partner network.

Move towards audit

Connect with a PCI Record of Compliance (ROC) auditor to conduct a formal audit, including review and testing of security controls.

Only for L1 service providers processing >6mil transactions and L1 merchants

processing >300k transactions Note: SAQ is not mandatory for L1 businesses since a ROC must be onboarded for review and audit

Get connected with a PCI council-recognized ROC auditor from Sprinto’s partner network.

Use the Sprinto audit dashboard to share compliance evidence.

Not sure if you need to fill out an SAQ or do a formal PCI-DSS Audit?

Continuous monitoring, continuous compliance

Sprinto builds guardrails that make it easy to do the right thing and hard to do the wrong thing. Because Sprinto ensures a high-quality, continuously monitored PCI-DSS compliance program that, you can manage your card data environment confidently and adhere to PCI standards effortlessly.

Continuous monitoring, continuous compliance

Proactive approach to PCI-DSS

Spot fast. Fix Fast. Report better

Continuous audit stream

Sprinto’s 3-step approach to PCI-DSS compliance

PCI-DSS with Sprinto

Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

Assess cardholder environment, including transaction volume and cardholder information processing conditions, to pin down PCI-DSS liabilities, including the right Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) to fill.

Fix vulnerabilities found during risk assessment and implement PCI council-recommended security measures to protect the cardholder environment and ensure strong guardrails around it.

Monitor compliance to fulfill PCI-DSS reporting obligations and ensure successful scans with Approved Scanning Vendors-(ASV) or a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA)-led audit, if applicable.

Sprinto capability

Integrated risk assessment + VAPT support

Centralized control mapping + Continuous control monitoring + Automated alerts + PCI-DSS training + Editable policy templates

Audit dashboard with consolidated compliance evidence + ASV vendor support + SAQ obligation assistance + ROC audit and AOC support (if applicable)


Air-tight security due diligence

End-to-end threat management

Assured PCI audit success

Sprinto value-add

Go beyond one-off audit

Use Sprinto to maintain continuous PCI-DSS compliance and demonstrate an ongoing adherence to PCI standards. Sprinto provides the tools to automate vulnerability detection, issue alerts, and automatically assign issues to team members for resolution. Over time, automation streamlines PCI-DSS compliance management year-round.

100+ Integration

100+ integrations to accurately pull risk and monitor controls across cloud services that make your operating environment

Guided implementation

Expert-assisted implementation and guidance to cover your bases and ensure an air-tight compliance program.

Continous Monitoring

Continuous vulnerability and compliance monitoring with 99% platform uptime.

Evidence Collection

Automatic, continuous evidence collection in a manner is acceptable to a PCI auditor

Auditor Dashboard

Connected auditor dashboard to log and share evidence with a PCI auditor without a lot of back-and-forth communication.

Trust Center

Dedicated trust center page to show your commitment to PCI-DSS and other security standards

Say no to compliance fatigue

Sprinto helps you implement, manage, and improve a PCI-DSS compliance program that provides not one-time, but ongoing value. By continuously monitoring controls with hard-nosed data diligence, Sprinto ensures you know exactly where and how to improve your PCI-DSS posture – so you can comply with confidence, at all times.