Integrated Risk Assessment

Go beyond identifying risks

Sprinto’s all-new Integrated Risk Assessment capability goes the length to help you map risks to correct measures and controls – so you can confidently reduce risk impact, minimize residual risk, and prevent failures.

Supported Frameworks

ISO 27001
Capability pillars

Break down silos. Map risks centrally.

Sprinto’s Integrated Risk Assessment produces the most comprehensive summary of org-wide cybersecurity risks against any type of

compliance framework – security and privacy – and entity-level checks thereof. This makes it easy to answer questions

about risks you assume, those you transfer, and those you proactively mitigate.

One-click risk assessment

Built for better risk assessment

Use the feature to consolidate all risk information in a single place for easy review and management. One-click assessments generate an auditable risk profile that clearly outlines the risks you have minimized, those that you have accepted, and by how much.

Ready-to-use risk library

Designed for ease of use

Avoid filling reams of excel sheets. Select risks from comprehensive risk libraries – security or privacy – to build a risk register in a matter of clicks. Upload a CSV with your risk information, should you prefer to launch an assessment and build a risk profile that way.

Automatic risk scoring

Optimized for impact

Don’t just identify but evaluate risks for their impact on the business. Reference common benchmarks to quantify the real impact of your risks. Go on to enforce a sweeping set of checks that dial down their effect and minimize residual risk load.

Supports all compliances I Comprehensive risk libraries I Air-tight risk profile

Capability advantage

A whole new depth to risk assessments

Better assessments lead to better decisions. Sprinto’s integrated risk assessment capability produces a 360-degree view

of org-wide, entity-down cybersecurity risk analysis so you can create better compliance journeys, set up air-tight risk mitigation workflows,

and move towards the highest levels of compliance.

Curated risk register

Work with relevant risks

Browse through Sprinto’s comprehensive risk libraries to build your unique risk register against a compliance framework. This way you only ever work on risks that matter to your business, never those that don’t.

  • Add/remove risks as you grow and scale
  • Implement as many checks as you prefer to mitigate risks sufficiently
  • Select a risk treatment plan that best suits your circumstance

Deep due diligence

Quantify risk impact

Determine the impact score of each risk you select against common benchmarks. As you improve your risk activities, revise impact scores to establish risks you will continue to accept and those you will minimize. All with empirical rigor.

  • Determine the statistical probability of a risk failure
  • Lean on industry best practices to clearly scope out the likelihood
  • Distill your residual risk load as per your mitigation plan

Single-screen management

Launch effortless reviews

Get management to review your risk register simply by adding them to the platform. Once you complete your assessment, your onboarded auditors can review and audit your risk profile on their dashboard. No confusion. No coordination chaos.

  • Set up monitored checks for management reviews
  • Define roles and assign responsibility from within the dashboard
  • Fix a frequency around checks to ensure timely completion of reviews

What do hundreds of businesses love about Sprinto?

 Hear it from the most important folks at the table!

“What took consultants 4-6 months, Sprinto got done in a few weeks! It almost felt too easy. The entire experience has been nothing short of amazing. SOC 2 compliance is made easy with Sprinto!
Sothary Ngeth
Business & People Operations, Dassana
With Sprinto, you’re only biting off a small portion of work each day – over a 10-day time frame.
In the end, you have all the evidence gathered and can start your SOC 2 Audit.”
Shawn Schultz
VP of Technology at SABX
Efficient, effective & economical! Sprinto integrates very well with the modern cloud-based IT stack. It was a very efficient process, and their staff was very available to guide us through any of our questions.”
Paul Vavich
Chief Technology Officer at GovConnex
Onboarding with the Sprinto product and team was a breeze. Anytime I had a question about a policy or requirement, it was easy to find the solution within the product or with the Sprinto CS team.”
Jessica Hammond
VP of Products at Clockworks