How Sprinto Streamlined ISO27001 compliance for Axslogic

Headquartered in Singapore, Axslogic is a leading provider of digital solutions for financial institutions, revolutionizing how lending data analytics are managed. Their flagship product, Winnow™, introduces a new and highly effective early warning exception management paradigm to help financial institutions navigate the challenges and risks associated with lending. By leveraging the power of Winnow™, financial institutions can stay ahead of the curve and make more informed decisions.

ISO 27001



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A leading fintech organization, Axslogic understands the importance of maintaining optimal security standards to strengthen operations and build trust with prospects and partners.

CTO Dipan Bhattacharyya holds that a robust security practice, bolstered by compliance and enabled by automation is essential and doubly reassuring for all stakeholders. Compliance standards, such as ISO 27001, provide a structured method for integrating security practices, with automation enhancing management efficiency.

To effectively align with ISO 27001 and obtain certification, Axslogic sought to implement a compliance management tool. Beyond robust automation capabilities, Axslogic favored a solution tailored to cloud operations, with a strong emphasis on compatibility to streamline automation within their tech infrastructure. “We predominantly sought a compliance solution that would serve as a virtual CISO.”

After checking out tools such as Drata, Vanta and Secureframe, I found Sprinto and it was a game-changer! Sprinto is better built than the competition, loaded with automation capabilities, giving us a clear path to compliance right from the get-go. Choosing Sprinto was a no-brainer.


Axslogic hit the ground running. Through expert-led sessions that spanned from defining the program scope and conducting risk assessments to implementing relevant security controls and other measures, Axslogic covered a lot of ground with Sprinto within a short, streamlined timeframe.

Leveraging the Sprinto dashboard, Dipan and his team efficiently mapped and assigned compliance tasks among themselves, assessed and managed risks, tracked progress and maintained a centralized repository for all compliance-related matters. This streamlined the entire process, making it uncomplicated and straightforward.

Once set up, Sprinto automation led the control testing, remediation, and evidence-collection exercise for Axslogic.

Sprinto was a game changer for us when it came to managing our ISO 27001 compliance program. It significantly reduced the manual work and made sure every piece of evidence was spot on. As a result, our audit process was a breeze. We didn’t even have to communicate with the auditors — we achieved our ISO 27001 compliance within our desired timeframe. That’s the power of Sprinto!

Enabled by Sprinto, Axslogic has effectively ensured:

  • Single-view compliance management using Sprinto’s all-in-one dashboard
  • 30% faster evidence collection using automation
  • Continuous monitoring to make sure nothing slips through the cracks
  • A completely hands-off audit experience

Axslogic completed ISO27001 implementation in 8 weeks. Remarking on the overall experience, Dipan notes:

Achieving ISO 27001 with the help of Sprinto has been an extraordinary experience. It’s not just about checking a compliance box, it’s about the tangible impact it brings on how our prospects and customers perceive us. ISO helps us build higher trust, lower barriers to conversions, and empower our sales team to sell with more confidence. We’re seeing ISO27001 certification act as a catalyst in converting prospects and helping us scale faster.

Since achieving compliance and becoming ISO 27001 certified, Dipan has noticed a significant improvement in Axslogic’s overall brand credibility and trust. As they expand into higher-tier markets, Axslogic is committed to continue growing with compliance and leading security-first.