Shareable security posture

Build trust proactively

Use Sprinto Trust Center to show your commitment to the highest security standards –
so others can trust you with their data with confidence.

Get started for free

Customize with ease

Analyze use and success

Get started for free

Customize with ease

Analyze use and success

How to get started

Build your trust center and share it publicly or privately. Simple as that!

Publish a comprehensive public
security profile

Gate sensitive information
as needed

Configure page access and usage with
admin controls

Upgrade to get
more features

Create a private security profile

NDA gating and automated workflows

Publish with a custom URL (eg:

Advanced data insights

Control > Controlled

Sprinto Trust Center is built to help you design how others access and consume precise information about
the state of your security practices. It gives you complete control over the creation of your business’s
trust center – so you can enrich communications and ensure alignment with stakeholders better.

Deep customizations

Select, prioritize, and publish only those compliances, logos, documents, policies, and security controls that you want to share.

Gated access

Restrict access to certain confidential documents and artifacts by gating access. Keep a detailed log of requests received and processed.

Conditional approvals

Configure rules and manage user permissions and privileges, including duration and degree of access to the trust center contents.

Control what you show

Choose what you share on your trust center, from compliance seals and security documents to entity-level security controls. Use the admin panel to configure settings and add teams.

Control how you show it

Publish a gated trust center page or an ungated, publicly viewable page for your needs. Automated NDA workflows and multifactor authentication ensure secure access.

Control how they view it

Define viewing conditions and bracket the period of access to protect the integrity of information better. Track access and engagement, and raise confirmations via email.

Win the future

With a Sprinto-enabled trust center, you can catalyze trust and cooperation. Breeze through security reviews and overcome objections quickly. Leverage your trust center to influence perception, balance outcomes, and concerns, and push the peddle on sales.

Prove product security upfront and shortcut security reviews

Empower sales teams with a thorough security knowledge base

Demonstrate operational maturity and influence a culture of security

Sell trust-first

Use Sprinto to build trust proactively, influence sales, and catalyze