Risk Management in an Economic Downturn

March 2, 12pm PT

Join security leaders from Pantheon and Armis on the first Episode of ‘Secure Conversations’ as they break down the essence of risk assessment- both internal and vendor- that growing companies need to tackle.

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Secure Conversations: A deep dive with Security Leadership on Building and Scaling Security in Startups!

A security breach can have devastating consequences on a company’s reputation and revenue. Developing a robust risk assessment framework to prevent such a possibility is the need of the hour. In the advent of a downturn where resources are evaluated with ROI in mind, prioritization becomes key. Security leaders need to build an effective risk assessment framework that protects the company from third-party threats and builds a security-first culture within the team.

On March 2, 12pm PT, Security leaders from Armis and Pantheon will be tackling:-

  1. The essence of third-party risk management
  2. Prioritization tactics as companies become bigger
  3. How to put security on autopilot through smart automation
  4. Fostering a security-first culture from the top-down
  5. Building an effective mechanism to monitor controls

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