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Is ISO 27001 worth your time?

Its all about the perks!

When pitching for high-value projects in larger markets, having ISO compliance can keep the ball in your court by creating your business’s credibility. Not just that, it also helps you accomplish established data protection standards, leading to more trust in your brand.

An ISO 27001 certification helps you scale your quality of products & services according to industry-wide global specifications & process. With this compliance backing you, prospects can have better assurance while working with you, and that means more deals and more revenue.

Sneak peek into ISO cost

Considering the preliminary prep work, actual audit expenses, and patchwork after completion, the total ISO cost can often be quite overwhelming.

A number of factors typically influence the total ISO 27001 cost

  • External auditor charges
  • Salaries for consultants and senior level staff
  • Reduced productivity for the duration of the audit
  • Miscellaneous legal fees
  • Training for the entire staff who may be impacted by the audit
  • Cost of scaling of cybersecurity architecture, if needed

Additionally, recurring costs you’ll have to consider to uphold compliant status include:

  • Renewal fees
  • Consultant charges
  • Internal training charges

We agree, processing all that can be very daunting. And that is exactly where Sprinto can help!
Here’s a glimpse of what your ISO 27001 expenditure may look like with and without Sprinto

WITHOUT Sprinto WITH Sprinto
Consulting / Readiness / Gap / Assesment Cost~ $10K to 30K0
Additional Software Cost~ 30K p.a~ 3K p.a
Auditor Costs$15K to $50Kstarting $5K per audit
People bandwidth cost3 to 6 months~ 14 days
Total $50K to $100K + 3 months + audit uncertainty ~ $8K p.a + Sprinto Cost + 14 days +zero-touch audits

Sprinto covers everything except Audit cost

Consulting / Readiness / Gap / Assesment Cost



Free – $ 0

~ $10K to 30K

Additional Software Cost



~ 3K per audit

~ 30K per audit

Auditor Costs



$ 5k

$15K to $50K

People bandwidth cost



14 days

3 to 6 months




$50K to $100K + 3 months + audit uncertainty

~ $8K p.a + Sprinto Cost + 14 days +zero-touch audits

Optimize time and money with Sprinto

Sprinto offers 10x faster & easier ISO compliance at a cost that would amaze you! It helps eliminate unnecessary delays by automating the evidence collection, facilitating flexible workflows, and providing expert guidance throughout the compliance journey.

Sprinto unlocks priceless benefits, like

Save Resources

100s of hours & tons of
effort saved

Reduce Costs

Upto 85% less

Get to market faster

10x quicker

Scale Confidently

Continuous monitoring
always secure