#1 Rated security compliance automation platform

Effortlessly manage compliance, from start to audit

Sprinto automates busy work, monitor controls in real-time, and track progress in a single place. Align infrastructure, systems, people, and policies for compliance.

Purpose-built for cloud companies

Designed to enable
security leaders

Meant to make diligence stress-free

Over 1 Million compliance checks evaluated every month

Compliances supported

Custom Framework


NIST SP 800-53




ISO 27017

ISO 27701


CSA Star




Get more done,
without doing the busywork

Get more work done
Connect your cloud stack to work as one team

Integrate all your cloud apps and services with Sprinto to pinpoint risks and consolidate controls from each entity in one place. Avoid manual effort and compliance oversight.

Automate compliance workflows end-to-end

Streamline compliance, take away the guesswork, and help your teams complete compliance tasks faster. No more coordinating over emails, Excel, and Slack.

Ensure compliance and audit readiness at all times

Use Sprinto to monitor controls in real time. Collect audit evidence automatically and complete reviews directly on the auditor dashboard. No more coordination chaos.

Compliance platform that works for you

Use automated workflows to save time

Sprinto’s adaptive automation capabilities make sure you are never caught up doing a long line of repetitive, busy work. Stay focused on compliance, not collaboration.

Customize security programs for every need

Tailor security program to make room for unique business cases, custom controls, checks, and more. The platform wraps around your world, not the other way around.

Scale compliance without disrupting day-to-day

Connected and efficient, Sprinto’s architecture is built to accommodate your aspirations and pace. Scale compliance without interrupting your security posture or progress.

Become deliberate about compliance

Free up teams to focus on work that matters

Overcome manual limitations and drive efficiency

Add momentum to compliance management

Remove bottlenecks and avoid collaboration chaos

Path to audit, simplified

Step 1


Join our compliance experts to configure Sprinto in a guided, workshop-style session. Add apps, assign roles and publish policies.

Step 2


Implement Sprinto to perform risk assessment, activate checks, and launch activities like security training and policy acknowledgment.

Step 3


Operate controls, monitor compliance, and take timely action to get to the >90% mark and ensure audit readiness.

Step 4


Collaborate with an auditor either from Sprinto’s network or your own – using the Sprinto dashboard to complete evidence review.

Team up with experts from Day 1

Sprinto combines technical expertise with a people-focused advisory to break compliance down into simple human terms and tasks. Work with a dedicated compliance expert and get access to a support team that’s available 18 hours of the day across time zones. From risk assessment all the way to audit advisory, we have your back.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To get started, we encourage you to book a demo with our sales team who will walk you through various aspects of the platform and processes therein. Once you are onboarded as a customer, a dedicated CSM will work with you to scope out your compliance program(s)

Sprinto is a privacy-conscious, low-footprint platform that only reads and analyzes data you authorize, never that which you don’t. Across all features, Sprinto only integrates with your business systems to monitor their configurations via standard read-only API access. This gives the platform access to configurations of your systems but never the sensitive data therein.

Sprinto is built to fast-track compliance readiness and move you towards a successful audit. The more deeply the platform integrates with your systems, the more widely you can deploy fully-automated checks, monitor controls continuously, and proactively fix security issues to satisfy compliance.

No. Sprinto is a security compliance software provider with powerful compliance automation capabilities, purpose-built for cloud companies. By the by, the platform sets you up with air-tight security compliance programs and enables you to manage all aspects of compliance from a single dashboard. Sprinto only goes so far as to get you fully audit-ready. Thereafter, you can work with an auditor of your choosing or one from Sprinto’s network of internationally accredited auditor partners across geographies.

Traditional methods for setting up a security compliance program can cost a lot. Sprinto costs a fraction of that. This is because Sprinto takes away the burden of setting up a program from scratch and laboring over manually collecting compliance evidence for audit. Sprinto’s powerful compliance automation capabilities do the heavy lifting to manage your compliance programs, monitor your security risks, and keep you compliant for successful audits. This way, you spend less time, effort, and money.

Sprinto’s annual license fee is a factor of the size of your company, [geographical] distribution of your company and related entities, and the complexity of your infrastructure.

Sprinto: Your growth superpower

Use Sprinto to centralize security compliance management – so nothing
gets in the way of your moving up and winning big.