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SOC 2 Controls Efficiency

SOC 2 Controls Efficiency is a process used to assess if the security measures you have in place in your business environment are doing their job like it’s supposed to.

For example, you have a secure vault storing all your important documents and valuables. To keep it safe, you have a security system with multiple layers of protection, including access control, surveillance cameras, and motion sensors. Now, the efficiency of this security system matters a lot. If any of these components fail or work at reduced efficiency levels, it becomes a recipe for chaos.

Similarly, SOC 2 Controls are the tools and strategies you use to prevent and detect any security mishaps or unauthorized access to sensitive data. These controls include:

Security ControlsLike the locks on your vault
Confidentiality ControlsTo keep sensitive data confidential
Privacy ControlsEnsures only authorized individuals can access certain information
Processing Integrity Controls Ensure data is processed accurately
Availability ControlsMakes sure data is accessible when needed

If you do find that any of these controls are not performing as expected, it’s a sign that you need to repair the control in place or deploy new solutions if patching fails.

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