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ISO 27001 BCP

ISO 27001 Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is a part of the overall objective of ISO 27001, i.e., providing a strong and reliable information security framework for your organization. It refers to the structured approach to upholding an organization’s ability to continue its business operations efficiently during security upheaval and afterward.

The key steps involved in creating a BCP are : 

  • Coming up with strategies, solutions, and plans for maintaining your business processes during security incidents.
  • Frequently testing the BCP capabilities by simulating scenarios to test security efficiency
  • Implementing disaster recovery protocol in critical scenarios and preparing your entire organization for it
  • Analyzing the impact of security incidents on your business operations and systems
  • Assessing various risk scenarios your organization could be open to (like cyber-attacks, natural disasters, and human error).
  • Continuously improving your BCP capabilities and maintaining effectiveness consistently

ISO 27001 BCP is a core component of your organization’s security infrastructure. It reduces downtime and potential losses by preparing you to handle any scenario that could impair the usual business lifecycle.

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