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ISO 27001 Awareness

ISO 27001 Awareness refers to the knowledge and understanding of your organization’s personnel regarding ISO 27001 regulatory compliance and its components. 

The awareness helps educate your personnel on risks, threats, incidents, and breaches and teaches them how to treat sensitive data, software, and assets. It also helps them work efficiently during breach instances and mitigate any negative impacts effectively. 

Some of the things that ISO 27001 awareness delivers are: 

  • Introductions and knowledge of the overall information security 
  • A good understanding of the ISO 27001 framework
  • A brief awareness of the respective security procedures and policies
  • Best ways to data protection and privacy
  • Awareness of risk and cyber threats
  • All about access control and how to leverage it properly
  • Best ways for incident response and reporting, documentation 
  • Best work practices for remote work and office work
  • How to manage spam and phishing of calls and emails
  • Improving continuously with trends and changes in the industry standards

Therefore, ISO 27001 Awareness helps optimize the performance of every individual in your firm, leading to a robust security front overall.

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