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Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery acts as a safety net for your computer systems. You can get back to work if something bad happens, like a big storm or computer hack. It employs policies, tools, and measures to mitigate the risks.

It is more like a backup place where all the important computer data is copied. So, if the main computers stop working, you can recover from this backup place. Also, not just the data but also the actual computer work can be shifted to the backup location so the company keeps running in a smooth way.

Different kinds of disasters are covered by disaster recovery, and they are:

NaturalEarthquakes and floods
Health-relatedPandemics and computer attacks like viruses or hackers trying to break in
PeopleTerrorism or dangerous chemicals are considered

Also, things like power cuts or accidents with machines are included too. This way, you can plan for all sorts of troubles to keep the business strong. 

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