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Frequently Asked Questions


Passing or failing an audit is just a myth. The auditor evaluates your compliance program against your implemented controls and reviews the evidence to corroborate compliance. They do this to determine if there are any exceptions (lapses or oversights) in the implementation and running of your compliance program. Failure to comply with SOC 2 requirements can result in a weak SOC 2 report from your auditor. And you don’t want that!

Sprinto’s compliance experts help design the right security program for your environment while meeting the framework requirements. They also eliminate possible lapses or oversights before you face the audit. As a result, you can be rest assured your audit goes through smoothly.

Your choice of auditor is critical, considering that you will be working with them extensively to review your compliance program. So, while selecting an auditor, look for ones with the required accreditations, credible repute, relevant experience and fit. The decision is yours to make.

In our experience, the common underlying influencers on the choice of auditors are: budget, compliance framework, region focus, the brand of the auditor, and their affiliations or references.

Sprinto isn’t an auditor. We are a compliance automation platform. We work closely with independent, certified auditors to support our customers with their audit requirements.

As a Sprinto customer, you can choose an auditor from Sprinto’s network or select one outside of it. Either way, Sprinto’s compliance experts will work with you to keep your compliance program running smoothly.

Yes, we do. Sprinto can help in the selection of an auditor based on your preferences and requirements, such as budget, region-focus, compliance framework, and existing brand of the auditor.

Yes. Sprinto has partnered with several US-based auditors of various sizes and across frameworks.


There is no straight answer to this. Typically, the cost of SOC 2 compliance depends on the scale and complexity of the organization, the type of auditor chosen, and additional cost components such as readiness assessments, tools, and more.

Sprinto automates a good majority of your workflow involved in SOC 2 implementation and eliminates most of these overhead costs. Sprinto customers can leverage our network of auditors at competitive prices to further reduce their SOC 2 costs.

To get an estimate of how much it would cost your business to implement SOC 2, you can talk to us.

Implementing any framework would have multiple cost components to it and there are couple of ways to go about it: old-fashioned way and Sprinto.

If you decide to go the manual or the more traditional route, you would have to account for time spent by your team on implemention, consultant costs for gap and readiness assessments, audit costs, additional softwares such as vulnerability scanners, MDM software, security training, and more.

If you choose Sprinto, you will get access to Sprinto’s automated monitoring platform, personalized implementation and audit support by our compliance experts, along with inbuilt MDM, security training, policies, and others at no additional cost. Beyond the platform cost, you are only expected to pay for VAPT and audit.


Sprinto’s compliance automation is built to make your compliance program effortless and error-free. Typically, our customers spend roughly an hour a week maintaining and managing their compliance program after a successful audit completion.

During the implementation phase, efforts from your Infosec Officer, People Operations Lead, and Engineering Lead are required. Post implementation, only minimal effort is needed from your Infosec Officer alone to maintain and manage your compliance program(s).

No, it won’t. Sprinto is built to solve that!

Our compliance expert(s) work with you and guide you along the way to ensure seamless implementation. Besides, having an expert on call reduces the time and effort you would otherwise have spent learning from video tutorials or product brochures.


Yes, we offer a control level status view, and you can access it on the Sprinto Health Dashboard.


The scope of activities that Sprinto supports can be divided into three phases. Sprinto’s dedicated compliance expert handholds you through all the phases.

Phase 1 – Implementation

In this phase, our compliance expert will thoroughly examine your infrastructure setup to personalize your framework implementation. This includes integrating Sprinto with your infrastructure and systems and mapping it to all your controls.

Phase 2 – Monitoring

Post implementation, you will run, operate, and monitor all the controls implemented as a part of your compliance program on Sprinto.

Phase 3 – Audit

Our compliance expert will support you through your audit process in this phase. You can choose an auditor from Sprinto’s network or select one outside of it. Either way, the compliance expert will work with you to keep your compliance program running smoothly.

So far, 100% of our customers have undergone successful audits. Thanks to the depth of automation offered on Sprinto, 8 out of 10 of our customers haven’t needed to engage in multiple lengthy conversations with the auditor.

Yes, Sprinto offers in-app gap assessment that allows you to understand which of your processes or infrastructures are non-compliant so you can implement changes as required.

The answer to this is contextual and specific to your existing use case and processes.

A few examples of changes we’ve seen our customers go through are: encrypting databases, monitoring infrastructure like servers, and EC2 instances, and enabling data deletion requests.

Your vendor must also comply with the framework you want to get compliant with in such cases. Additionally, we recommend getting a robust access control mechanism in place with them.

In case your vendor isn’t compliant, we’d suggest you recommend they get compliant and implement a continuous monitoring system themselves.

There is no absolute answer to this question. The time taken to implement a framework depends on the complexity of your compliance program, the framework you are implementing, and your team’s bandwidth to implement the required processes.

With Sprinto’s automated platform, you can decisively reduce the effort and time taken. It usually requires minimal effort from your Infosec Officer, Engineering Lead and People Operations Lead. Typically, our customers with less than 50 employees have implemented their security programs between ~4 to 10 weeks.

With Sprinto, you can. There is a significant overlap in the controls and requirements of different frameworks. And Sprinto is built to help you build off your existing compliance to eliminate duplication of efforts.

For instance, if you are SOC 2 compliant and want to add ISO 27001 to your list, the additional work required is as minimal as can be with Sprinto.


No matter the size of your organization, the right time to get your security compliance was yesterday!

That being said, there aren’t any set timelines on when is the right time to pursue security compliance. In our experience, organizations typically pursue security compliance following triggers, such as customer asks, before entering new geographies, to get a competitive edge, and more. We’ve also seen organizations kickstart their compliance journeys even before securing their first customer.

Pen testing and SOC 2 aren’t the same.

Penetration testing is a specific security assessment that helps identify and address cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

SOC 2 is a voluntary attestation that organizations undergo to demonstrate they have implemented global best practices to protect sensitive customer information.

SOC 2 Type 2 is an in-depth evaluation of the design and operating effectiveness of your organization’s security controls and processes against the framework’s requirements over a 3-12 month period. The Type 1 report, in comparison, only evaluates the design of your internal controls at a point in time.

In our experience, organizations typically start with the simpler SOC 2 Type 1 attestation because it’s easier to implement, takes less time, and eventually paves the way for SOC 2 type. So, choose Type 1 report if you are short on time, want to kickstart your compliance program, or have a specific customer request for it.

If time isn’t much of a constraint, you can directly opt for SOC 2 Type 2. Achieving SOC 2 Type 2 compliance automatically means that the design of your internal controls meets the SOC 2 Type I requirements.

A SOC 1 report is focused on the design and operating effectiveness of your internal controls related to financial reporting (ICFR). It assures your customers that their financial information is handled safely. Simply put, the SOC 1 report shows how well you keep your books!

So, you should get a SOC 1 report when your bookkeeping compliance impacts your clients’ financial reporting. For instance, SOC 1 is relevant for SaaS firms that offer financial services such as claims processing or billing. The SOC 1 audit reviews the organization’s controls on the customer’s financials.

AWS’ SOC 2 compliance is limited to the AWS platform and its services only. It doesn’t extend to its customers or users.

For your platform and offerings to be SOC 2 compliant, you’d have to independently undergo a SOC 2 implementation and audit.

AWS’ SOC 2 compliance is limited to the AWS platform and its services only. It doesn’t extend to its customers or users.

For your platform and offerings to be SOC 2 compliant, you’d have to independently undergo a SOC 2 implementation and audit.

The right time to get your security posture robust is yesterday!

But yes. You can go for a SOC 2 audit at any point in time or whenever you think you are ready for it. We’ve seen many of our customers go through SOC 2 audits in their pre-revenue stage to establish trust and build confidence with their prospects.

The answer is both a yes and a no. Yes, achieving SOC 2 Type 2 compliance automatically means that the design of your internal controls meets the SOC 2 Type I requirements. And no, because achieving a SOC 2 Type 2 attestation doesn’t get you a SOC 2 Type 1 attestation specifically.


Sprinto is a compliance automation platform. It integrates with your infrastructures, such as Google Workspace, AWS, Github, and Google Cloud, to ensure continuous real-time monitoring and compliance.

Advanced features like custom policies, framework-specific staff security training & tracking, integrated risk management capabilities, and device monitoring, to name a few, offered in-app help make your compliance journey with Sprinto effortless and error-free.

Sprinto only requires the lowest level of access required to automate the compliance requirements and collection of evidence across your different service providers and vendors.

Sprinto’s platform integrates with 100+ platforms and service providers across various cloud providers, HRMS, version controls, ticketing software, database providers and much more.

If we don’t support your service provider yet, you can manually upload the evidence against the specific controls or use our APIs to push evidence automatically.

The dedicated customer support manager will support you with this to ensure a seamless evidence collection on Sprinto.

Sprinto offers a very robust and automated compliance monitoring system. We have listed some of our features here: https://sprinto.com/features/.

Get in touch with us for a deep dive into our platform’s unique features.

We automate over 90% of the controls and evidence collection required for various frameworks. Sprinto scales with your organization, allowing you to build off your compliance efforts for one framework across about 15 others.

Sprinto integrates with 200+ platforms. You can explore the ones we currently support here: https://sprinto.com/integrations/.

We are also always adding new integrations. So, feel free to reach out to our team if you want us to prioritize an integration that is not currently supported.

Yes, you can use custom or existing policies with Sprinto. Sprinto enables you to add new controls and upload or push your own custom evidences against each control in line with your policies.

Sprinto offers an editable template of 20+ security policies that you can publish on your employee portal via Sprinto. You can then track the policy acknowledgements as well as staff security training within the app and send reminders too.

We offer a lightweight MDM that we maintain internally. It supports and checks for screen lock, active antivirus, OS versions, and encryption of system drivers. We have partnered with third-party MDM platforms that have more robust feature offerings if you need additional features.

We have a team of experts with relevant compliance certifications that track all regulatory changes. As a result, we continuously evolve our product offerings to support and meet new requirements across frameworks and regulators.

For example, we have already started supporting PCI-DSS 4.0 and ISO27001 2022.

Service Providers

Yes. Sprinto has a network of VAPT partners you can choose from. Our team will share the details during the implementation phase. Alternatively, you can also use a vendor of choice.

Yes. Sprinto has a network of VAPT partners you can choose from. Our team will share the details during the implementation phase. Alternatively, you can also use a vendor of choice.

Yes, we provide bundled offerings for customers looking for it.

Our VAPT partners support our customers with their requirements at specially-competent prices.


We support our customers across all timezones. Our team supports customer onboarding, implementation, and post-implementation requirements in their preferred timezone.

We typically get back to our customers in less than 4 hours once a support ticket is raised.

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