In the ever-evolving world of banking and fintech, safeguarding payment card data isn’t just about compliance; it’s about fostering unshakeable trust and maintaining the integrity of the payment card industry. Brace yourselves, as the current standard, PCI DSS v3.2.1, is set to retire in March 2024, making way for the transformative PCI DSS v4.0.

Join us in conversation with Vishal Verma, Director of Client Success at BreachLock, and Swapnil Tripathi, Enterprise AE and Former PCI QSA at Sprinto, on tackling pen-testing and compliance for PCI DSS 4.0. In this webinar, we explore what’s new in PCI DSS v4.0, how it will affect your organization, and how you can plan ahead to minimize disruption.

Join us to learn about:

PCI DSS and its latest version 4.0

Transition timeline and what to expect

Understanding PCI DSS penetration testing for version 4.0

How to minimize business disruption

Best practices and tactical insights

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